A big thank you

Last week’s post was a sad one and you guys were so supportive that I thought, time to thank these guys. I can’t actually go in person and thank each of you, but I can try to, hopefully, make you smile.

I came up with funny animal clips. After all, animals and pets make our lives happier most of the time.

Hee hee!

Okay, that one was just plain cute.


Hee hee!



Awww! That turtle rocks!

I better stop before I start to annoy people. Hope I got a smile. And again, thank you for the wonderful support!



Jaw-dropping gifts

I know this really kind person who also happens to be an incredible writer. She’s supposed to be going away on a holiday and is really busy getting everything done in time–not to mention the courses she’s taking. Instead of getting to her to-do list, she did this:


By herself, with no help or hint from me. Nothing. I just opened up my mailbox this morning and almost had a heart attack.

That’s not it either. Nope. This little busy bee managed to do this too:




Winter Bayne, I can’t say thank you enough.

What do you like to read?

I read romance. Inside that genre, I prefer historical or contemporary or paranormal but I’ll take any romance over other fiction. For me, there’s something about a love story that is just missing in other books and I go back unerringly to that genre time after time.

But, what about you? What do you read? See, I have no idea. So I thought: poll!

Share with me. What do you like to read? Thanks for taking the time to share!

Top 10 posts for March

Here are the top 10 favourite posts for March. Chosen by you!

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Thank you so much for reading!!

Transition scenes

I always have trouble with ‘transition’ scenes; those times when the hero is walking to the heroine’s house or the heroine is driving somewhere or they’re going to sleep. I want to skip when they’re in transition or rush by it somehow because it’s boring but, if I try and rush it, you can tell. On the other hand, if I write down every detail (he tied his shoes, grabbed his coat, put an arm in, then the other arm, zipped his coat shut…) the reader will probably throw my book on the floor then stomp on it for good measure.

So, what do I do? Luckily, though I have no idea, others do (yeey!).

Janice Hardy has a great article on how to skip time. She shows (with small examples) different types of techniques on how to move ahead. Check it out here. And here is another on transition scenes.

Skipping ahead of time is one of the ways to tighten up a book and not drag the reader through boring parts. Janice Hardy makes it look easy. A big thanks for those great articles!

Writing tips from the Greats (2)

A big thank you to Mike Shaffer for the link.

He sent it to me through a comment: “Here are some more tips and advice from authors I’ve interviewed for the past three years on conference calls sponsored by NYT Bestselling Fantasy and Science Fiction author David Farland called Farland’s Authors Advisory. There are more than the call I’m posting, but they have a ton of amazing advice and as soon as more are scheduled, you can call in and ask questions of the authors yourself if you like. The call I posted was with World Fantasy Award winning author of “On Stranger Tides” (basis for the Disney movie of the same name) Tim Powers.”

Here’s the link: http://authorsadvisory.blogspot.ca/search/label/Hide%20Me%20Among%20The%20Graves

First draft tips (2)

A big thanks to Infinitefreetime for this tip! It’s not only a great site but it has so many ideas in the comments section. Check it out!


Another five star review for Olivia’s Choice!

I’m so excited! Olivia’s Choice just got another five star review! I’m so giddy I’m shaking right now. Here’s the link: http://readwithdiane.blogspot.ca. Wow. I just can’t believe it.

I’m shaking. Literally. I might have to skip the coffee this morning.

We have snow

It’s snowing…Finally. Right now, we’re getting the tiny, thin flakes that come down in sheets. Already, in less than half an hour, they’ve covered the ground. We’re supposed to get snow all day today and tomorrow. And some more on Monday.

Outside my window, I get glimpses of my tree for a few minutes before it disappears under a curtain of snow. It comes in sheets that thicken and lighten with the wind. Our akita is going nuts with joy. So are most children. I think most Canadians are going to go a little nuts. Driving just became the main focus of conversations everywhere. I bet there are a ton of car owners out there cursing and wondering why they waited to put on their winter tires.

Oh, oh. Getting thicker flakes. These suckers are heavy, fat things that add up quickly and are great for snow sculptures or snowmen. They also become centimetres of snow, and then metres, in seconds.

(the tree outside my window)

(the tree outside my window)

(same tree. Different angle)

(same tree. Different angle)


















This will do. Winter is here.

Great review!

Just got my first review! I was terrified that they wouldn’t like my book but they liked it. In fact, they gave it four stars out of five! Yeey!

If you want to read it, here’s a link: http://www.thebooklanders.com/2013/11/book-review-olivias-choice.html

I gotta say…I feel like I’m floating a little bit. I’m so grateful…Just so grateful.