Unlocking creativity

I think all writers fear the dreaded Writer’s Block. I find that the more I edit, the harder it is to be creative. When I am editing I have to go back to refresh my inspiration and work at it more than normal.

But how do we get inspired?

Here is a post on 19 habits to help you unlock your inner creative muse by Katherine Brooks. And here is another on 6 steps to being more creative by Leo Babauta. And here’s another one on 6 things you need for that inner muse to go to work by Tanner Christensen. Finally, here’s K.M. Weiland’s great post on Six tips for great ideas in writing.

Go for it! Unleash your inner muse! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Unlocking creativity

      • No fear. No rules. There are people editing/revising, some do poetry, some do low word counts, some do short stories. Everyone welcome and so far no one has judged me. You can find critique partners, share your stories, learn from others. It is no pressure and a lot of fun. You don’t even need to post your work. No one reads it unless you give it to them.

        Oh and there are PRIZES just for finishing. It is a great warm up for Nov Nano which is even better.

      • The traditional Nanowrimo is in Nov for national novel writing month. There are “camp” versions in the summer. Next one up is in April. I’m set to jump in and hope to do so again in July. I get the biggest word counts when I do nano. Sign in, look around. If you’re still a nauseated fetus you are not obligated. Can back out at any time.

      • Yes, at least check it out. You can sign up & not participate. Read the forums and such. You set your own goals in camp! Can join my cabin.

      • Go in stealth mode, no one will even know you’re there. Sign up, poke around in the tents. I played along two years ago w/o participating and when I made word count, I decided to join the next one.

      • Wow, now I feel like a social extrovert next to you. I was hyperventilating sending out something for a guy to read over w/o critiquing. I’m still doing shots!

        I’ve read his stuff and hold him in esteem. Having him read my crap gives me the desire to toss cookies too.

        I won’t even hear back from him until late tonight at the absolute earliest. I can’t stay tipsy/drunk for that long. 😉

      • Ohh! Having someone read your stuff is terrifying! Absolutely enough reason for nausea, hyperventilating, and even some fainting! I can totally relate to that!

      • But no, in all seriousness, thank you. You’re so positive and it’s wonderful to have someone invite me. I’m not ready to do something like that…maybe next year…I would drive myself mad trying to meet those deadlines…there would be tears and embarrassment and head shaking…Which is one more reason I admire those who can do it. Like you!

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