Top 10 posts for October

Here are the top 10 posts for October according to you!

10. Five books I re-read over and over was a hit with readers. They shared what they re-read and it was a great way to get ideas for books!

9. Two books got released on the same week and are absolutely awesome. Check them out here.

8. 5 Reasons I want to come back as my dogs was a hit with everyone.

7. I asked for input on a very difficult subject here.

6. This one was my return-home post and everyone loved it!

5. I was in awe at the colours in this one.

4. Ah…the cute factor made everyone love this post. I can completely understand why. Puppies and kittens…soooo adorable.

3. Everyone loved the teeny, tiny announcement that I was leaving…maybe that’s a hint? Hee hee.

2. You thought Pay-It-Forward Fridays was a great idea and told me so with likes and comments.

1. The very top of the pile belongs to Posts I loved this week. This one in particular was a huge hit.

That’s the top 10 according to you! Thank you so much for reading and for those wonderful comments!

And, as a big thanks for reading, here are some cuties! 6-corgi-puppies-sleep-their-way-into-your-heart-1-18001-1345930337-12_bigsleeping_6_days_old_kitten_by_elvira1990-d68py53tumblr_komwlvcDJ41qzwtoyo1_400


Thank you so much for reading!

Top 10 posts for March

Here are the top 10 favourite posts for March. Chosen by you!

10. Dialogue tags

9. Unlocking creativity

8. Funny myths about writing

7. Essential tools for writers

6. Take that advice and shove it

5. Header?

4. Great blogs on Writing

3. Posts I loved this week

2. A big thank you

1. A little perspective

Thank you so much for reading!!