Today was…interesting

So, I was late to work today…

And just as I walked in, mentally going over my to-do list, I was given more work to do and my prep time reduced.

The result wasn’t pretty.

Good news, though. We’re washing our two fluff balls this weekend. Definitely going to have a post about that nightmare.



What on earth…

Driving from work and I see this…

See them? Completely happy and blissfully ignoring the fact that we’re on the highway, going at 100 km/h. Forget airbags, I bet those things don’t even have seat belts.

What’s going on around here?




Where my hubby goes slightly nuts

I have to admit, I’m not particularly fussy about a clean car. I have my Jeep and I truly adore my vehicle, but if it’s dirty or has a few dog hairs…well, it’s a Jeep. In my mind, that’s just adding personality to it.

My lovely hubby has another perspective completely. His new truck needs to be clean. And not just simply clean, meticulously clean. To the point that you could perform surgery on its hood.

To achieve this, my man has all sorts of weapons against dirt at his disposal and he’s not afraid to use them. All the time. But even those aren’t enough to keep his standards of cleanliness up to stuff and, once in a while, he takes his truck to a hidden, little known place where like-minded people go nuts around the truck and clean the thing to microscopic standards.

Then he drives the truck at 10 km/h so that nothing hits or dirties it.

And then this happens.

The birds obviously also like the truck.


Where I take pictures of the tow truck operator

The tow truck just came and out of it emerged quite the character. He was bent over and looked…young at heart. After a little talking, he explained he has been towing trucks for 58 years. Fifty eight. And he winked at me and admitted he was into his 80s.

Would you like to see him? I took the liberty of taking a couple of pictures.

He hoped on the truck and secured my beloved Jeep just like he was in his twenties and was soon driving off into the distance.

Some situations are too funny.


Where my jeep is sick

My beloved vehicle almost died this morning. We went out, early in the day, to have a little run, just the two of us and, when we got home, dark, ominous smoke was coming from under the hood.

My poor little Jeep is in dire straights. I’ve called the dealership and they can’t even look at him for two whole days.

So, for the next two days, I’m Jeep-less.

And, yes, it has oil…

What was actually wrong with my little Jeep is still a mystery, one, I hope, that won’t cost too much. That would really hurt.


Where my hubby invites me to a special place

So I’ve complained to my lovely hubby that I don’t see him enough. He’s a therapist, so he sees people after work and on the weekends. Since that’s when I’m off work, I barely see him.

Now that it’s summer, we both have a little more time off and he decided to invite me to come to one of his outings. He had to see a colleague at a hospital and thought I could come along for the ride, wait for him in the cafeteria of the hospital and we’d go out for lunch afterwards.

It sounded like a lovely date. I was all ready to go. I got my trusty laptop and asked if there was Wi-Fi at the hospital.

He thought about it. “I don’t think so.”

What? Why not? Most hospitals have Wi-Fi. I told him I’d go ask someone there.

He looked suddenly uncomfortable. “You may not want to do that.”

“Why not?”

“Well, this hospital is for the criminally insane.”

…What?…What?… Criminally insane?! Was he joking?


Sigh. I ask my hubby for a date and his answer is to take me out to a hospital for the criminally insane.


On the road…

We were on the road today and saw this lovely fellow.

He was on a very yellow car, trying it out for size.

Is this my colour?

I could see he was debating the pros and cons of travelling in the vehicle. On one hand, he’d have music but he’d miss having the wind through his feathers.

This is a fine vehicle

It’d be great for winter but finding parking spots is so hard today…

What to do…

I told him to take his time deciding. Buying a vehicle is something one shouldn’t do in a rush. Ever.

A breakfast visitor…

This morning, just as I was about to sip my morning coffee, we got a visitor.

A morning visitor…eyeing the green selections of grass for breakfast

Of course, our two fluffy pooches had to ‘protect’ us from the imminent threat of rabbit attack. They were scratching at the window doing everything they could to scare the ‘intruder’ away.

Taking a little rest during breakfast

The grass looks greener over here…

Now, I can’t help but remember that last year, we had another fluffy rabbit come into our yard…the dogs got to that one before I could intervene and it was awful. I’ll spare you the details but I still dream about what I saw while I screamed at them to stop.

What are you guys looking at? I’m just having breakfast

Maybe this little guy was just hungry but I choose to see it as a blessing from the rabbit population. Maybe they have forgiven us for last year’s horrible event.

In any case, it was wonderful to have this tiny visitor this morning.

Where we have a structure

It started as a big hole and then it had bricks but it was still a big mess with no actual coherent shape. Now, this week, suddenly there is wood and panels and…well a structure has appeared.

It has a roof and walls and everything.

It’s super exciting and not just because it’s starting to look like an actual garage, but also because there is less of this:

We had tons of dirt. Not just outside either. It managed to sneak into the house and join the dog hair that we already have. The results weren’t pretty.

So, now we have a structure. And it’s super exciting.