Of road trips and dog beds

There was a trip in our future because, since Canada is so spread out, anything you want to buy is at least an hour away. This trip was a couple of hours so, gritting our teeth against the freezing rain on the windshield, we put our boots on and off we went like a herd of turtles.

Several hours later, purchase made, we were heading back when I spotted a Petsmart!..you know where they have all sorts of things for pets?

Not that long after, we were back on our way…with a couple of new purchases.

Yeap. We might have bought these exact beds for our pooches before and…yeap, they’re still very expensive but no one said we had any fiscal restraint when it comes to our pooches.

Besides, they love these beds. Or, at least, we think they do.

If we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you my dogs killed another rabbit. This happened because a rabbit snuck into our fenced backyard and my two pooches were on it before it could get out. Thankfully, I didn’t see said incident. But the horrors of it still linger in my mind. I wish I could have helped that little bunny.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, Canada being Canada, it’s now boiling hot outside. We truly go from boots to sandals. You either freeze or boil here. Still, it’s such a lovely change from the dark, freezing nights of winter that no one is complaining.

Except the akitas. They’d love nothing more than perpetual winter.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week went. How was work? How was home? Mine was crazy busy. It seems that, as the temperature increases, so does the workload…or maybe it’s my need for perfectionism. I have to admit, I tend to fuss at things until they’re just so.

A huge thanks to  Eclectic Alli for hosing Coffee Share and to you, my lovely reader, for reading!

Victoria Day

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We, in Canada, have something today called Victoria Day. Apparently, this one particular monarch made an impression because we have a holiday in her honour. I don’t know much about Queen Victoria, but I’m pretty happy we have a long weekend thanks to her.

It’s also incredibly nice outside.

Finally, I have a second cup of coffee in my hand…

My thoughts and prayers are with Edmonton

My hope is that one day these horrible terrorist attacks will end and our world will know peace. Until then, though, my thoughts and prayers are with Edmonton, the victims and the incredible efforts of the First Responders who reacted so well and continue to stand united against hate and violence.

(credit: the flag store)

As our Prime Minister said: “We cannot ‚Äď and will not ‚Äď let violent extremism take root in our communities. We know that Canada‚Äôs strength comes from our diversity, and we will not be cowed by those who seek to divide us or promote fear.”

Of coffee and weather woes

We’re getting freezing rain. For those of you who are happily unaware of what freezing rain is, let me explain. It’s sucky. That’s what it is.

It’s basically water falling as rain but¬†solidifying into solid ice as soon as it touches anything solid. Everything ends up covered by a sheet of ice. Trees, walkways, roofs, roads…everything.


(credit:SevereWeatherWiki - Wikispaces)

(credit:SevereWeatherWiki – Wikispaces)

For freezing rain to happen, there has to be a delicate¬†combination of a warm air mass, followed by a colder layer mass to almost freeze it and just the right temperature in the air. The temperature is crucial, if it’s not right, it will melt.¬†Here, in Canada, the temperature is often right.



Now, if you’re from the part of our lovely planet that’s warm, you might wonder why we Canadians moan about our weather over and over. I mean, how bad can it be?


Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we’re used to it. Canadian winters are…special. Along with freezing rain, we get lovely things like black ice, really cold temperatures, frostbite and blizzards.

My dogs, however, love winter. The colder it gets, the better they like it.

But we Canadians¬†love to moan about the weather. Doing so creates a bond as we curse and grumble at the snow…usually over a cup of coffee. We even throw in some humour to lighten the dark days. Check out¬†Infinitefreetime‘s version of¬†Black Ice¬†and you’ll see what I mean.

The nicest show on TV

I tend to ramble on this blog about things I love. I should keep the focus on writing, reading and books but I go off topic quite a bit….and¬†here is another post doing just that. ūüôā

I discovered a show on TV that I just adore. It’s a chronicle of the work happening at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hope for Wildlife is a rescue centre for wildlife. Their goal is to rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals and release them back into the wild. That alone is such a beautiful goal but, even better, we get to see the baby squirrels, raccoons, deer, owls and others rescued, taken care of by a vet, fed and finally released back into the forests where they came from.

(credit: pinterest.com)

(credit: pinterest.com)

At the centre of this wonderful work is Hope, the woman who started it all.



“Hope took in her first rehab animal, a robin that had been attacked by a cat, in 1995 while working as a Manager at the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians at the hospital did not know what to do with the injured bird, so Hope took it to her home in Eastern Passage and starting doing research on caring for injured wildlife.

As her knowledge grew, the veterinary staff would refer calls about orphaned and injured wildlife to Hope. She continued to do research and learn more about the subject. Later that year, Hope took a Wildlife Rehabilitator‚Äôs course and obtained a certificate in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Association. Hope and her good friend, Lisa Butcher, developed a plan to create a wildlife rehabilitation centre to offer proper care to injured and orphaned wildlife in Nova Scotia.”



The centre grew from there until today when we can see their struggles and triumphs on TV.

“Now, over 15 years since it all began, the Hope for Wildlife Society has grown to over 100 volunteers and rehabilitates over 2500 animals per year from all over the province. Funding still comes from donations, as well and corporate and government grants, community groups, and our annual fundraisers.”

(credit: hopeforwildlifetales.ca)

(credit: hopeforwildlifetales.ca)

Today they’re still a charitable organization looking for donations and just doing amazing work to help animals who can’t help themselves. Here’s their blog:¬†http://hopeforwildlifetales.blogspot.ca

and website: www.hopeforwildlife.net/main.html

And the TV site: http://www.hopeforwildlifetv.com/home

(credit: mcintyre.ca) Hope for Wildlife, season 2

(credit: mcintyre.ca) Hope for Wildlife, season 2

(credit: youtube.com)

(credit: youtube.com)

Not only do I get a huge grin on my face when I see this show…River loves watching it too. ūüėÄ

Snow is coming…and I’m not happy.

A year ago, I clearly remember writing a post titled: Waiting for snow. I’m not waiting for snow this year. In fact, unrealistic as it may be, I’m hoping it passes us altogether.¬†After the never-ending freezing nightmare that was last year’s Winter, I was hoping to have a short, brief, warm season (or as warm as you can get in Canada).


Notice the ‘was’? Yeap. The farmers are already predicting a long winter. And a cold one with¬†tons of snow and freezing temperatures. That nasty Polar Vortex is supposed to be wrecking havoc all over us again.




This is not a Canada-only phenomenon. Check out this post by HalfEatenMind.

On the other hand, the akitas around here couldn’t be happier.

(credit: kimballstock.com)

(credit: kimballstock.com)