We have snow

It’s snowing…Finally. Right now, we’re getting the tiny, thin flakes that come down in sheets. Already, in less than half an hour, they’ve covered the ground. We’re supposed to get snow all day today and tomorrow. And some more on Monday.

Outside my window, I get glimpses of my tree for a few minutes before it disappears under a curtain of snow. It comes in sheets that thicken and lighten with the wind. Our akita is going nuts with joy. So are most children. I think most Canadians are going to go a little nuts. Driving just became the main focus of conversations everywhere. I bet there are a ton of car owners out there cursing and wondering why they waited to put on their winter tires.

Oh, oh. Getting thicker flakes. These suckers are heavy, fat things that add up quickly and are great for snow sculptures or snowmen. They also become centimetres of snow, and then metres, in seconds.

(the tree outside my window)

(the tree outside my window)

(same tree. Different angle)

(same tree. Different angle)


















This will do. Winter is here.

What do you think?

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