Things that made me smile today

Our new house still feels…a little strange. We’re making it ours, a little bit at a time but there are parts that are still alien and don’t feel quite like home. This is why finding things that I love and make me smile was key today. Here are some of my favourites.

The first one is a tiny bud from a fern. Isn’t it adorable?

The second one is the tiny baby of an ivy. Super cute!Then, of course, there is this majestic, awesome tree in our front yard that defies description. It’s simply incredible.

And finally, our poor delivery guy who tried to get up our insanely steep driveway and failed.

Poor, poor delivery guy. Should I admit that I laughed and laughed as the van slid down the driveway over and over?

Guilty pleasure

I have to admit, I like cleaning. I like having a tidy, organized, clean space. Whether it’s at work or at home, I like nothing better than neatness, cleanliness and organization.

That’s why I love shops like Staples, where they sell everything you need to organize your office space. I love stickies, tags, folders, page protectors, binders, paper clips, etc.

Image result for office organization ideas

Image result for office organization ideas

At our new home, I find that cleaning things makes me get to know the house. There are nooks and crannies that are only revealed to me when I’m down on my hands and knees cleaning those skirting boards. And nothing like cleaning their frames to know exactly what personality each window has.

Image result for organized kitchen

I particularly love things that are clean in the kitchen and I love the cleaning supplies that make it so. Right now, we have shelving units at one wall lined with cleaning supplies. They reflect my interest and…well, almost addiction to the things. I love commercials that show amazing cleaning products and love buying said items to give me better odds against my war on dirt. Nothing produces a happier sigh than the sight of clean counters and appliances.

Image result for clean kitchen

Now our new house didn’t come this clean. We spent an entire day cleaning the kitchen from the top of the cupboards, to the doors, insides, counters, appliances (inside and out) and finally the floors. We also cleaned the bathrooms and the rest of the floors. We’ve done well since then, but, since this home is large and poky, there are still corners and things that need to be cleaned. Today, I’m washing the kitchen sheer curtains. They looked clean before, but now…I spotted nasty dirt on the white background and discolouration on the edges. They must be cleaned.

There is something so soothing about watching dirt disappear.

New doggie beds

I’ve been seeing these online recently. They claim to be really good for the dogs (or cats) because the fake fur reminds them of their mother’s fur and that creates a better sleep. It might all be a load of poo poo, but I thought I’d share this and see if anyone has had any success with these.

Luxury Shag Donut Cuddler Dog/Cat Bed (Size: 30x30") 1

True, we just bought our dogs new beds and true, we have a house that’s covered with moving boxes that we should be focussing on…but hey, who ever said I’m logical?

On beds and rebel dogs

Well, some things are coming together in our new home. 

Beds are sprouting everywhere. Even those for the four legged sort.

However, their fluffiness have yet to lay on them.

Apparently, they weren’t consulted on the colour of this particular doggie bed and it just won’t do.


A new house

Our new house has tons of poky corners.

It has odd new windows and a gas fireplace.

This house is definitely a ‘she’. She’s got personality galore and she’s pretty in the way only female energy can be. We’ve cleaned most of her by now, so we’re starting to get to know her.

She’s still mostly a mystery. There are still light switches whose role is a puzzle, locks that defiantly remain open and sounds that make us wonder what she’s trying to tell us. But we’re getting to know each other.

Soon, she’ll be home.

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It’s a disaster in here

We’ve moved. We have all our things stuffed into the new house and we have survived the first night. The dogs went nuts in the new place, the movers forgot to read the labels on the boxes and dumped them everywhere and the tech guy could only find one phone jack.

This is definitely a two-cup-of-coffee day.

In the interim, check out this amazing dog blog and these hilarious memes that I stole from there. Aren’t they great?