New colours of hope

Our little new maple is finally starting to clue in to the weather and change colours.

I should explain, if you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, that we planted a new tree in our yard when we had to take down an ash tree. I named her Hope and I’ve been keeping a careful eye on her. She seems to have taken to our yard, looking quite happy and green in her spot. But it did worry me when all around her the other trees were quickly changing colour in response to the drop in temperature but Hope was blissfully continuing with her green hue. Maybe our little Hope needed some remedial help in tree education or something.

Image result for confused student

I was really happy to finally detect changes in her leaves a couple of days ago. Phew!


Sunday’s doggie laugh

I love For Better of For Worse and one of my favourite characters is Farley, the dog. He’s just hilarious and so authentic. Dogs truly do the things he does.

Strip For 051590

Strip For 122792

Strip For 030494

Saturday morning bliss

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I’m in heaven. I have my trusty doggies at my feet, softly snoring and sunshine pouring in the window. With no work today, things just look so fantastic.

What’s that? The crack in our ceiling you say? Yeap. That’s still there. Worse, if possible, instead of finding a solution, the structural engineer found water behind the wall.

And remember that scary spider I named Dante? Well, it’s back and, this time, it brought a friend. Obviously, our home is a major spider holiday destination.

Still, who cares? It’s Saturday, the sun is shining, it’s lovely out and there is no work until Monday. I’m in heaven

Where our house is falling apart

Our house is cracking open like an egg.

Let me back up. A few weeks ago, we had company over and they noticed a tiny, hair-like crack in our ceiling. We all laughed with confidence and continued our conversation thinking the crack would go away somehow.

Not only has the crack not gone away, it has visibly grown over time and now it has invited a friend.

My hubby was certain this crack was nothing to worry about. I wasn’t so sure and, when I started to see through the crack, I freaked out and called a structural engineer.

They’re coming tomorrow. I won’t mention how much it costs just to get these people in the door but I know what job I want in my next life.

Obviously, an update post is coming. The akitas in particular are super worried.



I might have mentioned on this little blog that I’m afraid of spiders…I probably have…since I’m pretty terrified of them and everyone I know who has ears has heard me say so once or twice.

I had a victory today. Vacuuming. With my beloved Dyson.

Image result for dyson vacuum cordless

There was an ugly, black one that came out of nowhere (they all do. Where on earth are they?). I screamed. Looked around for my protective furry doggies (who only opened one eye before going back to sleep) and I sucked it into the vacuum!

Now the vacuum doesn’t kill it. It has a compartment that you empty when it’s full and it was in there, running around with all its legs. So I was able to take the entire thing outside and release my unwanted house guest.

This was today

This was today. The tree in question was too close to the hydro lines and it had to come down. Believe it or not, there’s a man inside that orange bucket and he has a chainsaw.

The Chipper shredding

The men came armed with the truck, chainsaws and brought friends who had ‘The Chipper’. This latest machine was like something out of a Stephen King book. It was a massive yellow thing that ate thick branches of wood and shredded everything in seconds. The teeth and noise it made made me shudder in horror for quite some time. Once shredded, the tree became mulch.

Oblivious to my horror, the workers would shove the branches in, pushing at bits when they got stuck in the machine. When their hands would disappear in the massive maw, I couldn’t help but flinch. They saw my expression and laughed.

Where my dog is crazy

This was today’s lunch. It’s hummus on toast with slices of every veggie I could find in the fridge. I had beets, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers…

Then, River comes over¬†begging for a bit of cucumber. I tried to explain to him that he’s a carnivore, I tried bribing him with another more doggie-friendly treat but there was no reasoning with his fluffiness. It had to be cucumber and it had to be now.

Image result for cucumber

I never thought of my dogs as mental giants, but shouldn’t they know what to eat? How do I instill a healthy dislike for vegetables in them?

A new hope

I love trees. The bigger and greener, the better. One of the best aspects of living in the country is being surrounded by them and seeing them everywhere you look. I find them so peaceful and beautiful.

I was born in Europe and, even though I didn’t know any different, I remember mourning the sad little trees that they have there. They’re these tiny things barely alive in a jungle of concrete. It’s so sad.

Then we arrived in Canada and I was in heaven. The trees here are majestic, massive things that reach up to the sky and fill the landscape. Wild and powerful, they’re everywhere you look. And the maples are some of the most amazing of them all.

Image result for full maple tree

Maybe I was a squirrel in a past life. Who knows.

Now a couple of days ago we had to cut down one of our trees because it was dying. It was sad to see it go. When it was cut, I counted the rings on it and found it was around 50 years old.

It’s sad that it died. So I was delighted when my hubby agreed to plant another.¬†

It’s a maple.

It’s not that old, just about 5, so it’s just a baby. But I’m so happy with it. We can see it from the house and it’s just beautiful.

I’ve named it Hope.

I know what you’re thinking.

An unwanted guest

I’ve always wanted our home to be welcoming. I like to think our guests find the place pleasant. The only problem with this plan is when the guests are…unwanted.

Image result for skunk

The last couple of nights, we’ve left our windows open and it seems there is a local little guy who finds our home particularly attractive. He or she keeps coming back causing nasal nightmares.

Now, before I go any further, please note that I have nothing against skunks. They are lovely creatures and deserve every good thing that comes their way. They’re also adorably cute when little.

Still, there’s no denying their smell can make your hair curl.

Most people seem to know to stay away but, in a display of incredible intelligence, most dogs, seem unable to comprehend the consequences of bothering said animal.

Image result for skunk spraying

I fear what might happen if mine meet this unwanted guest….

Quick! Happy thoughts!

Awww!!! That’s better.