Top 5 series I keep rereading obsessively

I reread some books over and over. I reread some series over and over. These are the series I keep rereading like an obsessed addict.

5. The Mackenzie Mountain series from Linda Howard. Just yum!


4. Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Of course!


3. J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. Sigh…so good!


2. Lisa KleyPas’s contemporary series starting with Sugar Daddy.


1. Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series. I just can’t get enough of her writing.


How about you? Do you reread some series over and over?


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Review: Two Alone

Rusty is a successful business woman on a trip back home. Cooper is a grumpy veteran with a no-nonsense attitude. They’re on the same plane and, as luck would have it, are the only survivors when it crashes. Hurt, Rusty is dependent on Cooper for her very survival and, together, they struggle to make it alive back to civilization.

Don’t let me confuse you. This is also a romance. Though Rusty and Cooper start off disliking each other, they end up falling in love. Along the ride, they face predators, dangerous situations, and even dangerous people. I won’t say more, because I don’t want to give too much away.

Certainly Rusty and Cooper don’t fall into an easy relationship. He’s grumpy and lets her know what he thinks of her. In turn, she might be injured but she holds her own. They have more than their share of arguments along the way as they work through their issues.

The book is a really fun, light read. There are no complicated, twists in the plot or mysterious details to remember. It’s a great summer read and I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in a wonderful love story to read at the cottage or at the beach.



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Top ten posts for June!

These are the top ten posts in June according to you!

10. Coming in last is my post announcing changes to Olivia’s Choice page.

9. This one got a lot of attention. It’s about getting editing help from a pro who also happens to be a really, really kind person. Check it out if you’re looking for help.

8. A grumpy me and a bunch of cat pictures, readers loved this one on change. Have I mentioned I don’t like change?

7. This Tuesday Teaser got a whole bunch of attention. I actually really like Sandra Brown. I have a couple of her books to read next. YUM!

6. This one was posted a while ago but interest in it has flared up now. It makes sense. If you blog, you need to know about tags. They’re really important.

5. This is what happens when you know someone called Winter Bayne. She’s an incredible writer who’s also insanely busy. Yet, she does this. I’m still in awe.

4. This one was a major hit with readers. I think it has to do with the cutie at the end. And no, we didn’t accept his offer.

3. My mother-in-law is a very unique individual. And so is her way of obtaining pizza. Readers thought it was hilarious.

2. This one was a surprise for me. I had no idea how much readers would connect with this idea.

1. This one is the all time favourite.

A big thank you to you for reading my little blog and sharing your likes and dislikes with me. You made June a wonderful month!

Review: Secrets of Surrender

This is a book to be savoured. An absolutely priceless gem. I’d say easily my favourite from Madeline Hunter.

Each word is carefully placed, not an excess to be found. Each sentence captures the meaning and delivers the message powerfully. The writing is exquisite without being flowery.

Hints aren’t repeated or shouted, they’re small, secretive and delicious. The characters are so rich and fully formed, the reader can actually hear their different voices and see their unique gestures.

It is a book rich with amazing characters and I only want more. I want to know more about Lord Easterbrook, about Roselyn’s sister and about her friends. I want the book to continue.

The scenery and speech is exactly right for a historical yet it doesn’t take away from the dialogue. Instead in enriches it until I want to go back in time and say those expressions, have those discussions, take those walks down the countryside.

The heroine is caught and rescued by a gallant man but she’s no crying victim. She’s brutally honest with herself, determined and resourceful without being willful or nasty. He’s powerful and honourable, a perfect hero who still has his faults but rises above them.

There are issues that the couple needs to work out and they do, logically and slowly through the book. The story of how they go from acquaintances to lovers moved me. I not only believed it, I loved reading each and every word.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this. Take your time with this one. Let the words drip across your tongue and enjoy. It’s like rich, dark chocolate, meant to be savoured. It’s historical romance at its finest.



Review: The Accidental Duchess

The Accidental Duchess starts off with a bang. Lydia is blackmailed and she has to figure a way to keep the contents of a manuscript she wrote from leaking out. Desperate, she agrees with to an old bet with the Duke of Penthurst. She’s willing to wage her innocence over cards. If he loses he has to give her the sum the blackmailer wants, ten thousand pounds–a vast amount back then.

Of course, trying to solve her problems, Lydia seems to get even more tangled into a mess. During this process, she raises the curiosity of the Duke, who then becomes an ally.

I loved the dialogue of the book. I could not only believe it was British but that it was historical. There were no slips, no modern words and yet nothing sounded stilted or awkward. It wasn’t just the dialogue that’s worthy of praise, Madeline has a great way of sliding delicious, little hints along with her descriptions adding hugely to the plot. They’re like little succulent crumbs and I ate them up wondering where they were leading. Nothing was stated over and over until it became nauseating. On the contrary, if anything we were left wanting more which made me turn those pages faster and faster.

A powerful, strong alpha hero and an intelligent heroine that has come upon tough times always draws my interest and this one was no exception. This is a great book for those who like historical romance and anyone looking for a great summer read.

Silent Saturday 1

From the dew drops to the incredible shades of white, this flower caught my breath and I couldn’t look away. Absolutely breathtaking.


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River, the writer’s aid

While we adopted both our doggies, River is the latest addition. He had separation anxiety and didn’t like to be away from people so leaving him alone in a different room while I wrote was out. Instead, I encouraged him to lay with me while I worked on my laptop so he’d have a safe, quiet place to be.

Now, months later, River seems to have developed a bit of an attachment. This dog will follow me everywhere. And I mean everywhere. If I’m sitting and get up to add coffee to my mug, he follows. If I go to bed, he’s next to me, if I sit to write, he’s at my side. When I go to bed, he has to be there with me.

The result is that I have a rather large, hairy dog over my foot as I type this. River is under my desk, lying on my feet, sleeping away. If I get up for any reason, he’ll be right next to me.

When I first noticed this trend, I worried about how it would all work out. With cables, plugs and delicate parts, computers aren’t exactly dog-friendly and my Mac is precious to me. The last thing I want is a dog to break it, or harm it in any way.

But River doesn’t want to touch the computer any more than I want him to. He just wants to be near me…and if a human hand should happen to stray away from the keyboard and pet him, all the better.

At the same time, having him near me is incredibly soothing. When I’m upset or something isn’t working right, I grab on to that massive, hairy neck and bury my face in his fur. Then I breathe in and let it all out.

River can take it. He’s a great writer’s aid.


Please note: That’s not River. He’s much hairier. And doesn’t need glasses.

Sunday Silence

No one is up but me and the birds. My hubby is bed, the dogs are asleep on the floor and the house is so quiet. We live in the country, so the only thing I hear outside are birds. I’m typing and drinking coffee and just at peace with the world.

I love moments like this. It’s early morning and the sun is only starting to get up. The day is full of possibilities.

Better still, my cup of coffee is almost full.