What do you like to read?

I read romance. Inside that genre, I prefer historical or contemporary or paranormal but I’ll take any romance over other fiction. For me, there’s something about a love story that is just missing in other books and I go back unerringly to that genre time after time.

But, what about you? What do you read? See, I have no idea. So I thought: poll!

Share with me. What do you like to read? Thanks for taking the time to share!

21 thoughts on “What do you like to read?

  1. Fantasy, most often. But I read a lot of literature and nonfiction. I’m reading a two-volume history of the Medici that was written in 1909 at the moment. Picked them up for $2 at a library book sale.

  2. I wanted to tick fiction/literature and young adult but I could only tick one. My favourite authors are Sarah Waters, Tracy Chevalier, Kate Atkinson, Ian McEwan and Kate Mosse. For YA I’d choose Helen Grant. I also enjoy Anthony Horowitz very much and The Hunger Games. Favourite classic authors are Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte. I’m currently re-reading Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson which is a wonderful book about writing. Near the beginning one of the novel is this quote which I really like:

    – Nor, says Nora, do we want commonplace tales of hausfrau Angst, of the woman heroically making over her life with a handsome new lover, a beautiful child, a happy ending. Instead, we shall have murder and mayhem, plots and sub-plots, a mad woman in the attic, purloined diamonds, lost birthrights, heroic dogs, a soupçon of sex, a suspicion of philosophy.

    I read that and thought, YES – that’s what I want to read!

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