Where I get a new computer

We were at the mall today…and, well, long story short, I have a new computer. And it’s beautiful. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

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It’s a MacBook Air. It’s light and beautiful and, compared to the monster that I used to have, it’s so thin.

I can’t complain about my old one. I’ve had it for years and years. It holds many memories. But taking it with me meant a massive effort in terms of weight. It weighs a substantial amount and I always had to debate whether it was worth the effort it required to get the benefit of using it. Most times, I opted to not have a computer just to spare my back.

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Now, I have this light, beautiful computer in my hands and I can’t get over how nice it is.

Where I’m cooking like a witch

My recipe doesn’t call for eyes of newt or tongues of frogs, though, but it does involve the biggest pot we have. It’s super simple and easy (the way I like) and yields the best results ever.

I’m talking about refried beans. I love refried beans. But I’ve never really known what true refried beans tasted like until I made them at home. And the recipe is super easy!Image result for pinto beans

Add a bit of rice and some veggies, and you’ve got yourself a dish fit for a king…or queen.

Wanna try it? Here’s is where I got the recipe.

The best part is how cheap this is and how much it produces. They freeze really well and are incredibly nutritious.

Let me know if you give it a try! 😀


Dog breeds to avoid according to vets

You go to a breeder, where you find adorable little balls of puppies and one seems to recognize you on sight. It’s true love and you bring this little bundle home only to see it get sick. Panicked, you run to the vet where you find you find out: Oh, this breed is known for being sick.

In breeding dogs, like anything, there’s science and a bit of luck but if you’re interested in knowing which are the hardiest breeds, check out this post by a vet in the UK.
 Shar Peis may be cute, but they don't make good pets due to their 'neoplasia pre-ordained', according to the post


Nothing is ever completely guaranteed, of course, but when I hear the same breed is troublesome by several vets, I start to wonder. Bulldogs, for example, are a breed that I would buy in a minute. With their adorable wrinkles, super cute faces and hilarious personalities, I’d fall in love with one or two or three…But they seem to be in every vets’ list of unhealthiest dogs.

Image result for bulldog


It isn’t easy to keep my heart away from those gentle-eyed doggies. I could easily get attached. But I remember how painful it was to have our bullmastiffs get sick over and over and hear them cry in pain. By comparison, our two akitas are as healthy as weeds.

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So, there you have it. Some information on doggie breeds that might be helpful to you.

If we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that yesterday we (hubby and I) ran around like chickens with our heads cut off to try and get our errands done…and we didn’t finish them all.Image result for chicken up close

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week went. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We, who live up here in Canada, have already had our Thanksgiving, so now we’re in the Christmas frenzy.

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Our house hasn’t avoided such frenzy either. My lovely hubby got a bit of Christmas madness and wrapped a column with lights. (see below)

And see that little brown thing at the bottom of the column next to the tiny Christmas tree? Yeap. That’s a buddha.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you have started your Christmas shopping. I have started giving money away to a charity that I care about for Christmas…But shopping? Not so much.

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Finally, if we were having coffee, I’d ask you how the weather is around where you are. We had freezing rain yesterday…to the dismay of our doggies who don’t understand how to walk on ice.

Thank you so much for reading! And a huge thanks to  Eclectic Alli for hosting Coffee Share (in hiatus this week but returning next week)

What’s up for 2019 in movies? Here you go!

If you’re a movie fan, this one is for you. These are the most anticipated movies coming out in 2019 with a little blurb describing each one and highlighting pros and cons.


Remembrance Day

This is such an important day for so many reasons. Today, more so than any other time, I hope for lasting peace in our world.

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A lovely video

I don’t think I’ve shared this lovely video before. It makes me smile every time I watch it. My hope is it makes you smile too. 😀