These are from Wicked Aww Pics and they’re just adorable. I couldn’t resist passing them on.


I really could go on and on because there are so many adorable pictures. Sooo cute!

Just because I’m ga-ga over baby animals

This is self-indulgence at it’s worse. Be warned.


These are just a few of the super-cute pictures from Wicked Aww Pics. I just love them! don’t you? Aw…so cute!!

Just because…awww!

Okay, so I follow this blog just because of the ‘cuteness’ factor and there are times when I can’t help but share the pictures. They’re that adorable.

(Credit: wIcked Aww Pics)

Oh my goodness! It’s a baby beaver! How cute is that!

(credit: Attack of the cute)

Introducing the world’s cutest spider

A friend of mine showed me this during lunch at work. She knew I was pretty terrified of spiders and swore this would cure my fear. I didn’t believe her…but since watching the videos, I have to admit, I have a different perspective on those multi-legged guys.

Lucas is absolutely adorable.

If you’re curious as to how he happened to be, here’s the explanation.