Curious fact

Giraffes, it turns out, only need to sleep laying down about 30 minutes a day. They’re able to get the rest of their sleep while standing up. It might be because laying down is so laborious for them…

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Or it might be because it’s hard to keep those legs straight.

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Or it might be because it’s such a long way to the ground

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But the fact remains, they manage to doze while standing up.

Now, why am I rambling about this? Just jealous, that’s all. I really wish I could sleep standing up. It’d come in really handy at work.

Adorable odd friends

I was all grumpy today because my car is getting fixed and it’s still not finished and my hubby showed me this video. It just made me grin like a silly kid. So cute!

Where our ceiling crack mystery is finally resolved

We found a crack on our ceiling. It was a scary thing, seeing this dark, ominous line weave its way across our ceiling–especially because it kept growing and it showed up with a buddy that lived on the opposing wall.

Well, that was back in August when snow was a dim memory and we had sunlight for hours and hours each day. Now, it’s December. We’ve had two structural engineers come by, a gaggle of construction workers and two sets of supervisors. They all managed to fit through the trap door into our attic and, after much sweating and discussion, they have come up with the reason for the crack.


The wind. Yeap. It wasn’t a structural issue, or moisture, or the house settling, or the gods having fun. After many consultations, head scratching and frowns, two sets of structural engineers and their assorted buddies concluded that it was the wind.

The. Wind.

When they told me, I really wanted to scream. These people don’t come over for free. We’ve spent a bit of money to try and fix what we thought was a serious issue. Only to find out it was the wind.

Even now, I still want to do this:

But my computer is brand new. So I better just share the story with you. And add a picture of something to make you smile.