Top posts for July

These are your favourite 10 posts for July. From the silly to the funny to the informative, they’re all here.

10. My husband wasn’t at all pleased that this one was so popular. Ha!

9. This one was self-indulgent with funny cat pictures that made me laugh. Apparently, I’m not alone.

8. I was so grateful that this one was a hit. I was overwhelmed with the support I found!

7. A post on writing tips with a joke and a quote. People loved it.

6. Teeny, tiny but it hit a spot with people. Coffee and writing. Ahh…

5. This award post was another hit. If you haven’t checked out the nominees, I’ll just say they’re really awesome blogs!

4. Everyone loved these Writing tips.

3. Posts I loved this week are usually a hit but this one was a definite favourite.

2. A surprise hit, this one was me trying to get over a bad review. People shared their support and struggles with bad reviews. The responses were so positive, they were almost worth that nasty review.

1. By far the number one choice of all readers was Need a review?

There you have the top 10 posts of July. Thank you so much for reading and making it such an awesome month!!

A fantastic review for Olivia’s Choice!

What an awesome review! I’m over the moon.

Here are some of my favourite parts of the review:

“A fresh new fantasy with a brilliantly developed new world that exists along our own, Olivia’s Choice is a delicious paranormal romance with some steamy scenes you can literally sink your teeth into.”

“The characters are well developed and identifiable – my heart literally broke for Olivia, Klias both terrified and captivated me, and Baphrem … Well, he almost deserved he received.”

Want to read the entire thing? Here it is, so well written by Crystin Goodwin.

Wow! I’m so grateful for this awesome review! Just so grateful.


Another awesome review for Olivia’s Choice!

Olivia’s Choice just got another awesome review! I’m so grateful and excited! Here are some of my favourite  parts:

“The opening created a great sense of mystery about Olivia and why she didn’t want to go, but I also liked that Olivia was obviously a strong enough character to overcome what she feared. She was a really well written character, who I related to in many ways.”

“After being introduced to Baphrem, who I have to admit got my heart fluttering even after he chucked Olivia into a river, I got the instant sense of the dislike between the characters which fuelled the eventual attraction.”

“Overall, it’s a great read and definitely one worth checking out if you enjoy paranormal romance with well-developed characters and story.”

Want to read the entire thing? Check it out here.

A huge thanks to A Writer’s Life for Me for that awesome review!

Five stars to Olivia’s Choice!

Olivia’s Choice just got an amazing, glowing review and I’m over the moon. Reading Page by Paige ranted about the book and I’m just grinning like a little fool right now.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the review:

“Olivia’s Choice made me want to create an award called “Prologue of the Month”. Because then I could give it straight to Taylor Grace”

“Olivia’s Choice was a book I could not put down! I literally spent the entire night reading it and lost countless hours of sleep because of it.”

“It was funny as heck. I kept laughing out loud at this feisty and awkward MC, Olivia. But the book had some serious moments as well, mix that with some super steamy scenes and we get a great book that I am proud to give 5 stars to.”

Want to read the entire thing? Here it is.

A huge thank you to Reading Page by Paige for taking a chance on my book!

Oh…and if anyone’s interested, it’s on sale at amazon! 😀

Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been so incredibly kind and supportive of my book. I thought of the Surprise idea as a sort of fun post/free gift but I really had no expectations. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the outcome.

People got my book. They bought it even though I explained I would give it to them for free. They bought it even though they don’t even read romance! They Twitted messages, made banners for Facebook, they re-blogged the post and basically shouted out support for my book everywhere.

I was overwhelmed. I shared it with my hubby, who was amazed, and my mother-in-law who forgets things and asked: “You wrote a book?”

It was really incredible and I wanted to say thank you so very much. You guys are so kind.



Thanks to some amazing help from D. Emery Bunn, I’ve just finished polishing Olivia’s Choice! So I thought: let’s have a surprise!

So, I’ve uploaded the new spiffier Olivia’s Choice to Amazon and lowered the price to $ 0.99. So that’s a bit of good news. It’ll stay at that price, so don’t worry if you can’t get it today or tomorrow. It won’t go up in price. Here’s the link.

Even better! If you send me a comment letting me know you’d like one, I’ll give you a free copy of the book! I’ll do that to the first 5 people who want to try Olivia’s Choice. Free! (free is my favourite price). Now, keep in mind I only have the mobi file right now, so you need a Kindle to read it, but it’s a free book. 😀


Note: if you’re not into romance, no worries! Here’s a little something to make you smile.



Another five star review for Olivia’s Choice!

Olivia’s Choice got another five star review on Goodreads! I’m over the moon! So happy, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Check it out here. Yeey!

As well, I’m almost through the edits. D. Emery Bunn did an incredible job with my book and now it shines like a diamond. It’s unbelievable what good editing can do.

When I’m done…I’ll have a surprise! (a good one, not the one where you’re at the dentist and have a cavity).

Olivia’s Choice Page: Updated.

The Page for Olivia’s Choice is getting some exciting changes.

One, the blurb has been shortened and spiffed up.

Two, I’ve cleaned up the reviews and added two new ones. One by the Bookie Monster and another by Romance Reviews.

Three, D. Emery Bunn has run through the book and checked the editing. He’s an absolute grammar-Ninja. Any and all misplaced comas suffered an untimely death. The new, shinier Olivia’s Choice will be up and running as soon as I can update all those changes. See the sidebar for an update to where I am in my fight against those run-on sentences and that dreaded passive voice.

I’m pretty excited about it all. Why not check it out and let me know what you think!

Taylor Grace in The Writing Process Blog Tour

Just today, I was selected for the writing process blog tour by Susanne Leist. I’ve never been on a blog tour…so this is pretty exciting! As far as I understand, I have to do these three things: Link to the blogger before, answer 4 questions, and nominate 3 bloggers to keep the hop going. Here are the bloggers I’m nominating:

Winter Bayne

Mishka Jenkins

Callum McLaughlin


1. Why do I write what I do?

I love romance. Short and sweet, it’s what I read and what I write. I particularly love historical, contemporary and paranormal romance. I write paranormal.


2. How does my writing process work?

It always starts with an idea–and don’t ask me where they come from. Then I almost immediately dismiss it. If it comes back, with a suggestion for how it’d work into a book, then I listen and write it down on a note. Eventually, I’ll flesh it out, consider characters and go from there. I tend to take one step forward, then two back. I find that I get a plot going, then think something is terrible and have to fix it. Start writing then find a scene doesn’t work and have to rewrite it. Until, little by little, the entire thing is written and I can edit.

3. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hm…Little known fact about me, I have a university degree in math. I think it helps me see patterns and symmetry. I really like circular ideas too.

4. What am I working on at the moment?

I’m working on editing those nasty extra words and superfluous comas in Olivia’s Choice and first-editing on Amy’s Choice. I’m also chewing over an idea I have for the next book or two. I just have to make up my mind about where I want to go next.


Give the nominated blogs and our nominator a visit—See what answers they’ve come up with!

Another five star review for Olivia’s Choice!

I’m over the moon! The Romance Reviews just gave Olivia’s Choice a five star review! They even made the book their ‘Top Pick’!

Wanna read it? It’s right here.

I’ll be honest, I’m so happy I’m shaking. I had no idea how my book would do. None. The Romance Reviews is a very professional, respectable site and they review some heavy weights. I was pretty sure my book might not do so well.

Five stars. Oh my goodness. I’m shaking.

I have to add a huge thank you to Christine Blackthorn from The Romance Reviews for the amazing review and for choosing my book!