– If it talks like a norn and walks like a norn…run. Human saying.

– Connection, Peace and Unity. The Three Auran Goals.

– “My grandfather used to say that tionnax are like squirrels, they collect nuts.” Ellix, guard, Viddion marah.

– “A warrior who won’t fight deserves to die.” Prince Haar, Zearlach city.

– “Killing demons is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.” Annr, guard, Zearlach city.

– “Norns are incredible architects. They simply use death as a building block.” Andacellus, Viddion marah.

– “When the Mother Tree closes one door, she always opens a window.” Alma, Viddion marah.

– “After they die, annax and humans go into the same earth.” Guildhall, Viddion marah.

– “Humans fear there are no miracles. Aurans know everything is one.” Aroll, jioth master, Libellula city.

– “We are what we believe.” Andacellus, Viddion marah.

– “No one can defeat you without your consent.” King Anslair, Zearlach city.

– “Sure, knowledge is power but it doesn’t hurt to also have a sword. Just in case.” Heartan, Viddion marah.

– Reach as far as the furthest branch on the Mother Tree. Annax saying.

– Every Tall tree was once a fragile seed. Annax saying.

–  A dragon is a norn’s best friend. Norn saying.

– Blue eyes say, respect the earth or we’ll die. Black eyes say, respect me or you’ll die. Norn saying.

– Don’t take life too seriously, no one comes out of it alive. Norn saying.

– “Tionnax are always boasting that they were once annax.” Heartan, Viddion marah.

– Trust your eyes, not your ears. Eriad saying.

– With a black Stone, you are handsome, wise and a good dancer. Norn saying.

– Don’t approach a dragon from the front, a jakkar from the back or a norn from any side. Annuan saying.

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