We have snow

It’s snowing…Finally. Right now, we’re getting the tiny, thin flakes that come down in sheets. Already, in less than half an hour, they’ve covered the ground. We’re supposed to get snow all day today and tomorrow. And some more on Monday.

Outside my window, I get glimpses of my tree for a few minutes before it disappears under a curtain of snow. It comes in sheets that thicken and lighten with the wind. Our akita is going nuts with joy. So are most children. I think most Canadians are going to go a little nuts. Driving just became the main focus of conversations everywhere. I bet there are a ton of car owners out there cursing and wondering why they waited to put on their winter tires.

Oh, oh. Getting thicker flakes. These suckers are heavy, fat things that add up quickly and are great for snow sculptures or snowmen. They also become centimetres of snow, and then metres, in seconds.

(the tree outside my window)

(the tree outside my window)

(same tree. Different angle)

(same tree. Different angle)


















This will do. Winter is here.

Dogs and mud

It’s freezing. Cold enough to bring on red cheeks yet not enough to harden the ground. It’s also raining and wet. The air is heavy with humidity and unshed rain. It reminds me of Ireland. Such a beautiful, green country. Unfortunately, this weather also brings mud. Lots of it.

We have two dogs. They’re spoiled and well-taken care of so, of course, they both have issues. One is massive, weighing about 180 lbs. He’s a bullmastiff and he’s got anxiety. Basically, he’s afraid of everything. Everything. If we leave a glove on the deck, his massiveness is not going out just in case the foreign object attacks him. We painted the living room last spring and guess who refused to walk inside?

We were told he needed a buddy and, good doggie parents that we are, we got another dog. Just in case, we got a different breed. An akita. We rescued her and she was definitely full of confidence. Perfect for our insecure bullie.

The issue is that not only is our akita full of confidence, she’s also full of energy. All. The. Time. She’s only still when she’s asleep and that’s after jogging non stop for two days. To help her get rid of that energy, we walk her, we give her activities and we take her where ever we go…except we can’t leave alone Anxious-man-Bullie. He gets the willies on his own.

They’ve become the best of friends. So, we enclosed a large area on our property for them with a big sturdy fence. The area has a digging play pen, a dog house and many toys. I won’t tell you how much doing that cost…but I could have bought a heck of a lot of books with that much money. Anyhow they’ve shown their appreciation by completely destroying the area. By digging and running on the grass incessantly, they’ve turned it into a mud pit ready for some scantly-dressed sorority sisters. The fact that it keeps raining doesn’t help either.

The mud doesn’t seem to bother them. They sit in it, roll in it, play in it. The bullie’s short haired but our akita is one ball of puffy hair. At the end of the day, the amount of dirt on them could fill a landfill.

Undeterred by a little dirt, our doggies try to simply walk into the house at the end of the day. As they are. They don’t understand why my husband and I separate them and attack them with fluffy, clean towels to both dry them and to get rid of most of that mud. It’s baffling to them that we insist on washing their dirty blankets and refuse to allow dirt to accumulate in the house until it includes bugs. We’re just particular that way. But they love us, so they put up with our particular ways.

On the weekends, when work doesn’t demand that I run out the door before the sun is up, I take them with their leashes on a long walk. We stop to look at the cows from our next door farmer and the frogs that live in our stream. It rains on us but I don’t care. It’s cold and freezing and somehow beautiful. Serene and peaceful.

Plus, unlike my muddy pooches, I get a hot shower when I get home.


A muse of a problem

Confession: There are days when I haven’t actually written a single word.

(credit: kaleidoscopecardigans.wordpress.com)

(credit: kaleidoscopecardigans.wordpress.com)

Not a single one! I may have written a post on my blog or I’ve commented on Facebook but I’ve done no actual writing on my book.

I have a day job, a husband I can’t ignore and little minions who need my care (aka doggies). But those are excuses. The real reason I didn’t write is that I couldn’t get my writing mojo going. I couldn’t find my inspiration, or, if you like, my muse.

Usually, to find that elusive muse, I go somewhere with minimal distractions. A nice coffee shop, a quiet corner of the library, some place where the interruptions are few, there is no phone, no dogs and nothing else to do but to write. There, I find a spot, sit and write. In that quiet vacuum, my inner muse wakes up and things flow. I have found that having a good cup of coffee doesn’t hurt things either.

But there are times when writing is difficult even in the most encouraging places.

I seem to have no problem with my blogging-muse. Without fail, I find the time to write posts for my little blog–I do love my little blog and my few but lovely followers. But I should be writing my book.

When I do get bitten by the inspiration muse, the inspiration is so strong, I grab whatever paper is around and start writing. Unfortunately, those instances are few and they seem to occur at 1am. My muse doesn’t follow my schedule and she’s also not very concerned about sleep deprivation.

What do you do? How do you find inspiration? Or do you just write?