A little perspective

I have to admit, I’ve done it. I stared at the blog stats until I knew the numbers by heart, then I would check and recheck. The blog became a live entity I needed to keep happy…and, well, I wasn’t miserable but it was close.

I read a post by an author once who was miserable because their eight book wasn’t doing as well as they liked. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself: If I had eight books published, I wouldn’t be upset, I’d be throwing a party! But then, I thought about it again. Would I be content? Wouldn’t I want that ninth book published? I remember a time when the idea of my being published (one book) was so awesome I couldn’t think of it without bursting into giggles of delight. Now, I want my second book published.

It’s so easy for me to lose perspective….so I loved, loved this post: Are you letting the numbers deflate you? by Sarah Kathleen Peck because she puts it into perspective without telling me to settle for less.

Alexandra Franzen says it another way no less outstanding in this post. Loved it.

Barbara O’Neal redefines success in this great post.

Finally, here‘s a glimpse on what the numbers really look like for writers by Amy Neftzger. It really put things into perspective for me. If Anne Rice had to work during the day to keep the money coming in, then I certainly can as well.

14 thoughts on “A little perspective

  1. If a writer doesn’t have a day job (or night job in my case) then he or she is a starving artist in the true sense of the word. Even writers who have writing day jobs struggle with the cash flow.

    I love writing. I love my paycheck job. I’ll keep them both as long as I can. I’ll make time to get everything in one way or another.

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    First of two posts I’m reblogging because apparently Taylor and Gene are reading my mind. Traffic’s been way down this week and I’ve been doing this fun thing where I worry about traffic dropping then berate myself for being enough of a wanker to worry about it. Enough!

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    This is a great post that is true for everyone, even non-writers. Stats are a bit reason for why we write, though. Not necessarily for the blog stats, but to share a message we want to share with as wide an audience as we can.

    This is a message I’d like to share with the bloggers who feel like giving up. There’s a community out there – Talk to them, share with them. You never know, they may end up becoming friends, even a “Family” of kinds. There’s more to life than fame and stats. If you write: Write for what you want to write about. Not for what everyone wants to hear. It’s your choice, but you alone can change it all!

  5. I am new to blogging, so I don’t obsess over the blog numbers…yet. I’m sure that it will happen. I think it boils down to always wanting more, and really, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, provided it’s not too terribly materialist. I think it’s important to have goals, to constantly want to improve. I understand your complete frustration, though. I have done that in other areas of my life. The tricky part is to keep the journey of reaching the goal part of the joy of attaining that goal.

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