Posts I loved this week

It’s the end of November and, like our American neighbours, I’m feeling incredibly grateful for everything I have, a job, a wonderful husband and two very silly and loving dogs. In that list, I also have the gift of a wonderful community of bloggers and writers who support and inspire me. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts!

Such a beautiful and uplifting post, I loved this one by Rachel Mankowitz. Dogs are such a gift…I just need to remember that when mine wake me up on the weekend. 🙂

Very cool announcement from Infinitefreetime about his books! All kinds of goodies in this one!

This one is a great post on how to build your book from Live to Write – Write to Live. It even includes tips with Scrivener (a favourite of mine).

A wonderful thank you from Melissa Barker-Simpson. It’s no surprise because she’s so kind, but did you know she’s an amazing author? I loved her books. Loved them!

This is what’s coming up on Sourcerer, point by point. This is one blog I never miss. And this post was no exception. Updates are so exciting!

Margarita Morris had this beautiful version of the very popular: If we were having coffee.

A very talented author, photographer and graphic designer, David C. Cassidy just revealed the cover for his next book The Dark. It looks absolutely awesome. Check it out here.

Part Time Monster had this great countdown of posts they’d like to write. Great ideas mixed into a great post, I absolutely loved it.

Finally, this wonderful post about self-care for writers from Writer Unboxed that had me reading it twice. It’s certainly advice I could use, so I thought I’d share it.

And just to make you smile,


13 thoughts on “Posts I loved this week

  1. Lol – I love that quote 🙂 Some awesome posts – I’m going to enjoy checking out the ones I missed. I’ve told you before how much I would love to celebrate Thanksgiving – but I don’t need the tradition to be grateful for my online friends, like you 🙂

  2. I just had a fabulous idea. Just opened the blogs here that aren’t my own in separate tabs. I’ll tweet them all to #SundayBlogShare from the browser over the next hour or so.

      • I try to be 🙂 It occurs to me that I can’t do these types of post often myself, but I have a pretty good system for sharing at this point, and since I read these every week anyway, I should be sharing most of what you highlight in them.

      • It’s getting more manageable. Fixing my Facebook and setting it up to be part of the operation is helping a lot. I don’t anticipate doing the kind of work next year I’ve done to get through the setup phase. Definitely not going to burn out. If I do, I just invested a year of my life into this project for nothing. Self care is key, as you so often remind me, and I am better at it now than I was when I started. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing my post & all these other great links. Oh – and I LOVE the quote. Made me giggle. 🙂

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