Inspirational TV

I’ve just watched Pride and Prejudice.

I watched it with rapt concentration while my dogs snored at my feet.

I find the movie Pride and Prejudice delicious. There are different versions but my favourite is the A&E special. They do an amazing job of staying true to the book. Elizabeth says things like: “Your argument will not induce me to be explicit.” The dialogue alone is worth it, add the incredible acting and I’m over the moon. It’s so absolutely, incredibly, decadently good.

This version of the classic book has incredible scenery, reminding me of Braveheart–another must see movie. From beautiful houses, to horse rides, to incredible, misty-covered hills, it reminds me why I loved England so much and why historicals are some of my favourite romance.

As a bonus, where we live, mother nature had let it rain for three days straight. It was as if the UK had appeared in our backyard. To finish the scene, I made myself a cup of tea. All I needed was Mr. Darcy and the scene would be complete. I finished the movie with a sigh of delight.

Then one of the dogs saw a chipmunk and mad chaos ensued.

Do you have movies that you absolutely love? Which ones?


11 thoughts on “Inspirational TV

  1. I love the Breakfast Club. I could watch that over and over. St Elmo’s Fire is another favourite. Although I did enjoy this TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and agree it stayed closes to the work, I prefer the film with Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I love Matthew’s Mr Darcy – there’s something so enigmatic about him *sigh*.

    Of course, being a geek, I also love the Avengers. I’ve watched that a time or two 🙂

  2. The A&E version is (by far!!) the best version I’ve ever seen. LOVE it. I just recently reread Pride and Prejudice, and remembered why I like it so much, and why it is by far the best Austen novel. 🙂 You make me want to go back and rewatch the movie, but I don’t have the time!

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