Why some TV shows rock

Some shows on TV are awesome. Big Bang’s popularity went through the roof with watchers and Modern Family was unknown one day and famous the next. It got me thinking, why are they such a hit? Well, there’s the acting, which is really great but, in my humble opinion, I think it’s the writing.

Check out this post on this exact subject for Modern Family.


“…Witty, dry, smart, outlandish, silly, clever, cute, sarcastic, subtle, not-so subtle. HILARIOUS.” That has to be the writing.

And look at this other review, this time for the Big Bang:


“The writing in this episode was some of the best we’ve seen in a standard sitcom in some time — it’s very smart….If the writing remains at the level seen in the pilot, we’re certain the show will continue to be worth watching.”

I find this fascinating. If good writing can help elevate a show, it can certainly do the same for a book. And good humour is very hard to write well.

I like to add humour into my books. I like to think it adds a little something to help the reader keep interested. Sitcoms like the Big Bang and Modern Family are great teaching tools because of their amazing writing.

So really, I’m not watching TV. I’m researching. 😀



23 thoughts on “Why some TV shows rock

  1. These are West’s favorite shows currently. I don’t watch them unless I happen to be in the same room working online. While I don’t mind comedy in my reading, I can’t do sitcoms.

  2. I am a big (haha!) fan of the Big Bang Theory. I think good writing can make up for a lot of things, even a lack luster plot. Some episodes are a bit thin on plot, but the great writing keeps me watching! 😀

  3. Modern Family is currently our favorite! It is as smart as Arrested Development was before it “came back”. The Big Bang Theory… I saw bits and pieces when it was still new and wondered “how does a show like this make it on TV?” Maybe I need to give a second chance? I was also the only one who thought How I Met Your Mother was incredibly lame… No one else but me. I guess that makes me lame.

  4. Just make sure that your main female character has a last name.

    (Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, Rajesh Koothrappali, Amy Farrah-Fowler, Bernadette Rostenkowski, and… Penny. Penny has no last name, and never has.)

  5. My youngest son introduced me to The Big Bang Theory and now everyone loves it in our house. I think the success is due to a combination of really good writing, direction and acting. But the writing has to come first because without that the director and the actors haven’t got anything good to work with.

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