Beautiful fall

It’s absolutely beautiful around here.

We have a couple of acres and the trees on them are in full bloom. Some are so golden they look like the sun is reflecting right off of them. Then there are some so red they put most lipstick colours to shame.

The best part are the daisies. There are flower beds on the sides of our lawns. They were created by the previous owners and they’re full of perennials. The farmer and wife who used to own our home planted them and they seemed to know their flowers. From May until fall, the flower beds are filled with blooms. When one sort fades away, another comes up to take their place. I have no idea how they choreographed it, but the result is gorgeous. Right now there’s a mass of pink daisies on one of the flower beds with one lonely red rose in the middle of the bunch.

I took a picture of a daisy for my avatar. They’re such lovely flowers and they stay open and pointing at the sky no matter how much it rains or how hard the wind blows. I can see them from the window in my office. They never fail to make me smile.

It’s a cold day, but not too cold. I know we’ll be taking the dogs for a walk and we’ll visit our creek and say hello to the froggies there, and walk across the bush and just admire the beautiful view.

It’s so fitting that it’s Thanksgiving.


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