On violence

This past Wednesday a gunman shot Nathan Cirillo, the honour guard (unarmed) from behind at the National War Memorial in Ottawa before heading on to Parliament Hill.


Nathan Cirillo was, among other things, a father, a dog lover and a husband.

When I think of what his family must be going through, I hope, that one day, our world will not know violence like this. It hurts so much to think of that horrible, senseless act and it helps me to read some of my favourite quotes on peace from some amazing people.







I hope, one day, our world will be a peaceful place.

4 thoughts on “On violence

  1. Some lovey quotes, Taylor. I love Mandela – the man was such a true inspiration. I too hope that the world one day learns to love instead of hate. It broke my heart a little when I heard the news about Nathan. So many good people lose their lives and it’s easy to give in to the hopelessness in the world sometimes. But those people are the light and it helps to remember that 🙂

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