Another awesome review for Olivia’s Choice!

Olivia’s Choice just got another awesome review! I’m so grateful and excited! Here are some of my favourite  parts:

“The opening created a great sense of mystery about Olivia and why she didn’t want to go, but I also liked that Olivia was obviously a strong enough character to overcome what she feared. She was a really well written character, who I related to in many ways.”

“After being introduced to Baphrem, who I have to admit got my heart fluttering even after he chucked Olivia into a river, I got the instant sense of the dislike between the characters which fuelled the eventual attraction.”

“Overall, it’s a great read and definitely one worth checking out if you enjoy paranormal romance with well-developed characters and story.”

Want to read the entire thing? Check it out here.

A huge thanks to A Writer’s Life for Me for that awesome review!

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