Jeep + therapist = disaster

My lovely hubby is fanatical about my Jeep. He insists on cleaning it at least once a week. I’m less picky. I figure, it’s a Jeep; dirt adds character.

A few days ago, I drove through a construction site and somehow got some paint or tar or something on the Jeep’s paint. My husband almost hit the roof. He insisted he had to remove the stuff and he had to do so immediately. He got that look in his eyes that said: Taylor, stay away from me. I thought: Writing time! and went for my laptop.

An hour later, I walked outside to a nightmare.

Apparently, my therapist husband couldn’t get the paint or tar or whatever the heck it was, off with a cloth, so he tried something harsher.


Note: he used the green side.

The paint splatters were gone…so was the Jeep’s paint. Instead of the uniform, sandy yellow, my Jeep was now a spotted mess of lighter and darker shades of white. It looked like some sort of checker board. And the scratches were everywhere. Not one to leave a job half-done, my hubby had ‘cleaned’ every surface, front, sides and back.

To his credit, he was in horrified and felt very sorry. To mine, I told him it was only a thing and replaceable.

After I mentally added him to the list of characters who die in my next book.

Note: for those of you who need closure (a happy ending), we did take the vehicle to the shop where the owner (another Jeep driver) almost fainted, then proceeded to buff the coat with an obviously magical cream that removed every trace of those scratches. Except for a few minute marks, the Jeep is as good as new. And full of character.

10 thoughts on “Jeep + therapist = disaster

  1. Wow! Your poor husband! lol You mentioned your paint was a sandy yellow.. is that the ‘Dune’ colour? Like a light tan sort of??

  2. Wash and jeep do not go in the same sentence for me. I have a white one. My Other Half will surprise me a few times a year when he gets it detailed. I get all grumpy because I had my clutter in just the right spots.

    For future reference, try using magic eraser first. If that doesn’t work then take it to a professional care detailer. It’s cheaper than fixing anything.

      • Family of Jeeps. Dad has an older one almost 300k miles! Mom has the Liberty. They are reliable if you do basic care for them, especially the ones before 2001. Mine has 150k miles. I hope to get it to 300k like my dad 🙂

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