Where my jeep is sick

My beloved vehicle almost died this morning. We went out, early in the day, to have a little run, just the two of us and, when we got home, dark, ominous smoke was coming from under the hood.

My poor little Jeep is in dire straights. I’ve called the dealership and they can’t even look at him for two whole days.

So, for the next two days, I’m Jeep-less.

And, yes, it has oil…

What was actually wrong with my little Jeep is still a mystery, one, I hope, that won’t cost too much. That would really hurt.


On the road…

We were on the road today and saw this lovely fellow.

He was on a very yellow car, trying it out for size.

Is this my colour?

I could see he was debating the pros and cons of travelling in the vehicle. On one hand, he’d have music but he’d miss having the wind through his feathers.

This is a fine vehicle

It’d be great for winter but finding parking spots is so hard today…

What to do…

I told him to take his time deciding. Buying a vehicle is something one shouldn’t do in a rush. Ever.

Enough is enough

We’ve had a long, dark, cold winter. It feels like we’ve lived in the cold for months for ever. Though the temperature is finally starting to go into the positive numbers, we still brace ourselves every time we open a door and our landscape remains covered with snow and ice.

It’s fairly depressing. We still have months until we can walk outside without the protection of several layers of clothing. It’ll be months until we see anything resembling grass on the ground.

This morning, I couldn’t take it any more.

So I did some Spring Cleaning.

Since my hubby collects things like a magpie, I waited until he was at work.

Alone, I moved quickly through the silent house. With a fail-proof plan in place, I searched each closet, selecting my clothing victims without compassion. Under my beady eye, every flaw was revealed and every threadbare item inspected closely. Mercilessly, I threw sheets and clothes into bags. When I had filled six of them, I finally stopped.

I felt lighter and somehow a little cleaner.

IMG_0883My victims are in my Jeep now and tomorrow they’re going to a donation box.


I hope Spring this year is amazing. I hope the sun shines every day. I hope we get more flowers than ever before.

I hope my hubby doesn’t find out.

We interrupt regular programming…

I was in a car accident yesterday. Yeah, as interesting days go, this one was at the top of the pile.

I was driving with the traffic on a street when someone decided to cut across the street (all four lanes) and hit my car. When I asked she claimed she hadn’t seen me. I thought a yellow Jeep was sort of hard to miss, but I didn’t think it was worth arguing. The lady in question was actually really nice. If it hadn’t been for the circumstances, I was pretty sure we’d be friends.

The short and long of it is that instead of getting home at a decent hour yesterday, I got home really, really late. And my poor Jeep is at the body shop. Oh, and I’m okay. I have a neck ache and headache and bruises but I’m fine.

A few minor points are worth mentioning.

1. The decor at the Police Station where I live leaves a lot to be desired. Those chairs are NOT comfortable and, I may not know much about decorating, but I can tell you they could use a couple of plants to liven up the space.

2. Tow-truck drivers know more about the city than any private investigator.

3. Murphy was right, if anything can go wrong, it will. During the accident, the cleaning product I had in my car broke spilling all over the inside. The many papers I carried and books fell into the mess and chemically bonded so that they’re now inseparable. And though the container said the cleaning product smelled like spring, it’s certainly not recommended as perfume. Everyone kept sniffing in my direction all night with a look of disbelief.

4. Shock is a funny thing. When the woman who hit me explained the reasons against making a claim, I thought it sounded perfectly reasonable and even tried to comfort her.

5. Finally, hubbies are soooo nice when you tell them someone hit your car and it wasn’t your fault. He took one look at me and ran to plug the kettle. Ahhh…British self-care.



Jeep + therapist = disaster

My lovely hubby is fanatical about my Jeep. He insists on cleaning it at least once a week. I’m less picky. I figure, it’s a Jeep; dirt adds character.

A few days ago, I drove through a construction site and somehow got some paint or tar or something on the Jeep’s paint. My husband almost hit the roof. He insisted he had to remove the stuff and he had to do so immediately. He got that look in his eyes that said: Taylor, stay away from me. I thought: Writing time! and went for my laptop.

An hour later, I walked outside to a nightmare.

Apparently, my therapist husband couldn’t get the paint or tar or whatever the heck it was, off with a cloth, so he tried something harsher.


Note: he used the green side.

The paint splatters were gone…so was the Jeep’s paint. Instead of the uniform, sandy yellow, my Jeep was now a spotted mess of lighter and darker shades of white. It looked like some sort of checker board. And the scratches were everywhere. Not one to leave a job half-done, my hubby had ‘cleaned’ every surface, front, sides and back.

To his credit, he was in horrified and felt very sorry. To mine, I told him it was only a thing and replaceable.

After I mentally added him to the list of characters who die in my next book.

Note: for those of you who need closure (a happy ending), we did take the vehicle to the shop where the owner (another Jeep driver) almost fainted, then proceeded to buff the coat with an obviously magical cream that removed every trace of those scratches. Except for a few minute marks, the Jeep is as good as new. And full of character.