What happened?

Today was an odd day. We left the house today with the intention to have a little fun. We were going to test drive a jeep. Just test drive. Just drive it.

We had an appointment for 11 am and a young woman greeted us like with the enthusiasm of a long-lost relative. She was lovely, pixie small and as determined as Gandalf. We were not leaving without trying out the Rubicon.

Meanwhile, mother nature had decided today was the day to do laundry and she was dumping half of her winter snow on us in the matter of a couple of hours. It was a blizzard, which lent itself for a great Jeep experience because we had to put on the 4×4 drive. We had a good laugh when I got behind the wheel and promptly stalled the car not once but twice (it’s a manual).

I’m not the world’s best driver and what I know about cars could be written on a napkin with room to spare, still even I had to admit the Jeep was very cool-looking. I just didn’t think we would do more than drive it.

There’s something about car dealerships. They talked numbers until our eyes crossed and they introduced us to every person who worked there. Everyone was incredibly friendly and talked to us until we felt like they were more than long lost friends, they were family. When we started to weaken from hunger and suggested going out for lunch they led us to their smiling chef who promptly cooked us lunch.

Leaving was an impossibility and our repeated attempts to exit were quickly quelled. That place is a fortress to rival Alcatraz. It took us six hours but we finally managed to leave.

With one small accessory.

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