Review: Indecent Proposal

An absolute must read, for me Indecent Proposal had a ton of things going for it. A great plot, a fantastic hero and heroine and, most importantly, amazing writing. Amazing, amazing writing. This is the first time I read Molly O’Keefe but it will not be the last.

The set up wasn’t unique: Harrison Montogomery is the next man to lead his family by getting elected into government. He’s gorgeous, rich and comes from a family that’s the American version of royalty. The problem is, one tough night, Harrison needs a shoulder to lean on and that shoulder is Ryan (our heroine) Kaminski’s. One night they will never forget turns things around for Harrison. Ryan’s pregnant with his child and the only way to avoid a scandal that will ruin his election is marriage.

Ryan doesn’t have a penny to her name and, though initially she doesn’t want a dime from Harrison, she finally accepts the marriage for the sake of her child. Still, their marriage is anything but a honey-moon. Harrison believes Ryan set him up, his family hate her and Ryan’s family isn’t talking to her. Still, with a witty sense of humour, determination and compassion she doesn’t just win them over, she won me over.

This book could have easily been one more Cinderella story but Molly O’Keefe’s adept writing takes it far above that. Ryan has depth and, interestingly, so does Harrison. We see their flaws and their struggles as they come to know and love each other. The end isn’t just a convenient happily-ever-after, there are tumbles and realistic turns. I loved that even Ryan’s enemies turn out to have soft spots and compassion. I loved the turns the book took and the surprising twists along the way. I found Harrison and Ryan as complex, layered individuals with interesting quirks and histories. They had amazing lines that only enriched the already interesting dialogue.

If you’re into romance whether historical or contemporary, I’d recommend you this book. I started it at the book store and couldn’t put the thing down. I had it read in under three hours. It’s one of those.



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