Reviewing fears

I’m not a reviewer. I like to give my two cents about books I read but those are books from stablished authors who probably couldn’t care one iota what I think to begin with and who certainly don’t need my review. I hesitate about giving a friend a public review–I would definitely do it privately.

Why? Well, I’m terrified of messing it up. I’m not a professional reviewer. It takes talent and good writing to write a good review. You can’t just say: good book. Worse, I could misinterpret something or disclose something and wreck the book for someone. Worse still, I could offend the writer and, if they are a friend, that’s just not worth it.

I’m not alone. The Inky Tavern posted this on reviewing for friends. Michelle D. Argyle posted her thoughts here. One more by Damyanti.

I know, I know. I just did a review for Infinitefreetime. The fear of messing that up is still with me.

What do you think? Should reviewing come hand in hand with writing? Is it a conflict of interest?

10 thoughts on “Reviewing fears

  1. When I started my blog I did a few reviews of established books. I haven’t done any in months and I’d have a hard time doing one for someone starting out.

  2. I do reviews, though they aren’t great 😀 I tend to review books more as a reader than a proper book reviewer.

    I would review friend’s books, but honestly. And if I thought the book wasn’t great, then I wouldn’t review publicly, I would do so privately. In fact, I would do that about any book. I understand the point of bad reviews, but if I had a bad review then I would rather give it to the author privately.

    I know I would be happy to receive private reviews and advice they could offer 😀

    It is a tricky thing though, and you got to do what you think id best 🙂

  3. Not reviewing a book you enjoyed (friend or not) is a disservice to the author. So, if you enjoy the book, yes please review it in any style. Sometimes, I only say I enjoyed this read because…Or I state that it is a re-read. There’s no such thing as a professional reviewer. Honestly, I’d care what a “non-professional” reviewer has to say over any “professional.”

    You may not give negative reviews and that is fine, but not posting positive reviews on Amazon or Goodread or wherever, kills books. It kills series and it impacts author sales. Think how important a positive review is for a self pubbed author who is already against the ropes or an indie who published with a small press.

    They matter. So, at least post positive reviews on books you like on Amazon, B & N, or goodreads. The author doesn’t care that you’re not a professional and only left one sentence reviews. Leaving them off the blog is fine, if it isn’t your cup of tea.

    Save an author. Post a review.

  4. It’s very tricky to review a friend because there’s the chance of hurting them. However, I do (or at least I try my best to) review books that I’ve read. Like Winter said, I feel that the author deserves that much.

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