Do you need to unplug?

The more time I spend at the computer…the more time I spend at the computer.  Part of me always thinks that more time at the keyboard means productivity (and I think some of that is true) but should I also try to step away and look around once in a while?

I was pondering this when I read this great post by SEAN D’SOUZA.

He says: “Sit back and think about all the ideas that changed the direction of your life. And think of where you were at the time. Nope, still not in the shower. You were somewhere on the road, somewhere deep in conversation with someone or lost in a book.”

He argues that computers are “output machines. When we deal with computers we’re rarely getting input.” In other words, we won’t get inspired seated at the computer.

What works for him is “take a trip to the cafe. I sit down and then I let two hours pass while I doodle my way through my plan. It’s not like I have a plan, but the plan unfolds. As I sit, the plan takes on a different dimension.” Even if he’s busy.

I too go to my favourite cafe. I do this often. And I get inspiration from life. But I have to add, that I also get inspired by the amazing posts I read online. There are some good posts out there (ahem, like this one by Sean D’Souza). 

Still, I think there’s something to be said about balance. Perhaps I should lift my head from the screen once in a while. Who knows what I will see.

Right. I forgot. I live in Canada.

20 thoughts on “Do you need to unplug?

  1. Snow can be very inspiring, maybe getting on some big boots and taking a stroll would be refreshing? 😀

    But I totally agree with this, I try and take a break every over the weekend, especially Sundays, from any form of technology. Just so as I can recharge and let my brain refocus, I am around computers so much it’s good to get away and just relax from it.

  2. OMG, you’re post like that and let a Norwegian cross-country-skiing-loving expat see it. Do you want to kill me with homesickness?!

    And otherwise…yes. Unplugging is important. I would love to go to a coffee shop and watch the people around me (I have an urban side that is scraping by on tiny crumbles), only problem is that the nearest one (that it’s worth spending time in) is 400 km away. I go on safaris instead.

  3. Since I watch television and film on my computer most of my inspiration comes from it. Strangely, I can’t write on my desktop. I can goof around and plot on it all I want but write, forget it. I bought a laptop that I only use to write on because that’s all I can do on it. I don’t even check email on the laptop in order to keep that mental division. If on laptop, working.

  4. I’ve been (mostly) unplugged for the past three months to gain some much needed balance in my life. It was well worth it. But, it’s still exciting to reconnect and see what all my internet buddies have been up to. Apparently writing awesome posts, like this one! 🙂

  5. Yes, I agree, sometimes you should unplug. I do think you can get input from the computer sometimes, though. Often, when I am “Deep in conversation,” that conversation is happening on a computer. I prefer chat to phone calls, at this point.

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