Ode to Scrivener

I love Scrivener. I think I might have rambled on about this before but I certainly didn’t do it justice. Joanna Penn does in her great post in The Creative Penn.

If you’ve never heard of it, Scrivener is a program that helps authors write…anyway they write. So, if you are like me, someone who likes to go back and fix things or add a scene or delete a scene, you won’t have to go through scrolling-hell to do it. Scrivener sets up your writing in scenes that you can move around and delete and add with a little click of the button.

It’s hard to visualize but that’s where Joanna’s amazing post comes in because she (unlike me) has awesome pictures that helps you see what you’re going to get in Scrivener.

She also has links to tutorials so you can get the most out of it. She also mentions the top 8 reasons why Scrivener will just change the way your write–for the better.

That Corkboard, for example, is incredible. You can set up scenes and write them later, move them around and brainstorm your way through your plot and story lines until they meet the way you want–without ever having to use multiple pages or other programs.

Finally, as if I haven’t said enough about this program, it actually formats your book into an epub, mobi, pdf, word doc or just about any format you’d like. No joke!

Scrivener is awesome.

14 thoughts on “Ode to Scrivener

    • I think it’s great. I had a lot of trouble moving back and forth on Word between one chapter and another. I would scroll and be too far, or not enough and get lost. I write books that are 95 000 words…that’s a lot of words! I need something like Scrivener to go instantly to this scene or that chapter. Scrivener does that for me. And I can move scenes around. I wish I could show you how to use it…
      There are tutorials on line though…if you go to the site, they show you how to use it. I know it’s not the best idea…Sorry, Sonia. I really wish I could show you.

      • S’okay, I’ll figure it out. I downloaded the trial version. I can use it on a different project that keeps trying to poke its nose into the middle of NaNo.

      • That’s so resourceful of you, Sonia! I’m totally impressed! But if you have any questions, give me a shout! Not that I’m an expert or anything, but I’l give them a shot! 🙂

    • OMG. Okay, your header had me drooling. That’s an AWESOME header! Sexy, mysterious and elegant in one swift picture! Wow. Scorching hot. I love it! You are awesome at those headers, girl!
      And, of course, you can ask about Scrivener! Ask away! I will share everything I know!

      • I am glad you liked it. I’m rather fond of it too. Makes the story feel more official to me now. I can’t back out, can’t stop. Gives me something nice to stare at when I’m stuck too. I plan on using it whenever I post about the story. Got more headers in the works.

        Scriv is on hold until I can actually focus on it, but it is on my to do list.

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