Do not write here

I know there are authors who have their ideal places to write. I do as well. But, I thought it might be more interesting to talk about places where I’ve tried to write…and, well, let’s just say conditions weren’t ideal.

1. Holiday in Mexico. There was no air conditioning in the resort lobby and it was July. I can honestly say I’ve never, ever been that hot. I thought, with a cool glass of water, I could handle it. Nope. Add the heat from the laptop and that might explain the dehydration that followed. Ew.

2. At home while my hubby and his buddy were shovelling our roof. Canadians have to shovel more than their driveways. If you don’t shovel your roof and there’s enough of it, the weight of the snow will break it and literally destroy your house. Trying to write while someone is stomping and shovelling over your head is not ideal.

3. At work. I got some interesting questions about the ‘project’ I was working on. Snoops!

4. At the Doctors, or the dentists or… Turns out, while they don’t mind you waiting, they’re really picky about having to wait. And I’m not really nice when I’m in the ‘zone’ and someone interrupts me.

5. A zoo. Okay, okay. I know. That was silly of me to even try. But I thought that with the animals there’d be inspiration and the day was so beautiful…It was a disaster. They might be beautiful but they’re also very loud. And they don’t really keep up with the hygiene! Phew!

I hear authors often go to coffee shops and I would agree. I have one of my own. There’s something about caffeine, the soft murmur of voices and music and a lazy afternoon that immediately makes me want to write. It’s one of my favourite places for productivity.

How about you?