Info dumps

I too have had trouble with the dreaded ‘info-dump’. I knew better than to start a story with the entire character back story but I couldn’t see how to get it in there. Then, I spotted a dialogue and thought, perfect!


My dialogue went something like this:

Anna: “Hi, Roberta. How are you?”

Roberta: “Hi, Anna. I’m better thanks. I’m almost over my cold, though it certainly wasn’t as bad as the pneumonia I had when you were in love with Henry but he back stabbed you by going out with Louisa and you heard about it through your best friend Veronica by accident. How are you?”

It was a disaster.

So, how does a pro do it? Well, I got a link or two for you. 😀

Janice Hardy does such a good job of explaining it here, I couldn’t resist putting a link. She’s a pro and she explains it so much better than I ever could. Here is another post on what an info dump is and how to avoid them. And finally, this one on how to weave information into the story naturally.

A big thanks to her for those awesome posts!!

Useful links for bloggers and writers

I thought these were too good to pass up and keep under wraps.

Check out this post by Molly Greene on How to use Twitter to grow your blog. Isn’t it awesome? I’m still struggling to understand how to work Twitter without somehow sending an insult instead of a happy face, let alone use it to grow my blog, but she’s a pro.

This one is for writers a how-to in developing your plot and filling out your characters by Vanessa Knight. Personally, I loved the pictures. But the content is the real gem–don’t listen to me, I’ve had too much coffee.

Some grammar advice from a pro, this post is pretty important for those authors out there. Turns out, adverbs are pretty tricky and D. Emmery Bunn knows just how to tame those little suckers into behaving.

One for those of you sick of getting writing advice and ready to throw the laptop across the room because those words just won’t behave. Writing isn’t easy. Nope, it’s frustrating. That’s what it is. Don’t take my word for it, Carlos Cooper says it much better on his post.

Some very insightful tips for writers from a pro. Robin LaFevers delivers in this amazing post.

And finally, change those passwords. Here is the reason and the sites affected: The heart bleed bug.

Great posts for writers

These are all posts by writers for writers. Great, inspirational and interesting, I couldn’t but share them.

This one is a neat post on how the World’s most brilliant people spend their days. Pretty cool because they have graphs comparing their sleep and work hours. Kevin Short explains strange little facts about them as well, like how Victor Hugo used to wake up by gunshot (what?) and have a cold bath on his roof. Obviously, he didn’t live in Canada.

Another beautifully written post is this one by . It talks about the need writers have to write and she explains it beautifully. I read it and sighed. It’s that good.

 wrote a powerful post on how to use fear and pain to drive your story forward. I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid both fear and pain but, after reading her post, I’m thinking they might have some value after all.

Now I’m self-published but, if you’re trying to find an agent, here‘s a great post on how to write a query letter. It’s never easy or fun but Cody Wagner has a great guide with examples on how to do a great job. A big thanks to Joe Bunting for the tip!

Just found this amazing site and couldn’t help but recommend this post. It’s by Victoria Grefer and I simply loved it. How to humanize a villain, love it. Loved the ideas too. And here‘s another one that I simply loved on magic in everyday life. Loved it too. What a great blog!

Christian Mihai couldn’t be left out of this bunch. Check out his great post on writing advice. Awesome!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. They certainly made my morning delicious!

Do not write here

I know there are authors who have their ideal places to write. I do as well. But, I thought it might be more interesting to talk about places where I’ve tried to write…and, well, let’s just say conditions weren’t ideal.

1. Holiday in Mexico. There was no air conditioning in the resort lobby and it was July. I can honestly say I’ve never, ever been that hot. I thought, with a cool glass of water, I could handle it. Nope. Add the heat from the laptop and that might explain the dehydration that followed. Ew.

2. At home while my hubby and his buddy were shovelling our roof. Canadians have to shovel more than their driveways. If you don’t shovel your roof and there’s enough of it, the weight of the snow will break it and literally destroy your house. Trying to write while someone is stomping and shovelling over your head is not ideal.

3. At work. I got some interesting questions about the ‘project’ I was working on. Snoops!

4. At the Doctors, or the dentists or… Turns out, while they don’t mind you waiting, they’re really picky about having to wait. And I’m not really nice when I’m in the ‘zone’ and someone interrupts me.

5. A zoo. Okay, okay. I know. That was silly of me to even try. But I thought that with the animals there’d be inspiration and the day was so beautiful…It was a disaster. They might be beautiful but they’re also very loud. And they don’t really keep up with the hygiene! Phew!

I hear authors often go to coffee shops and I would agree. I have one of my own. There’s something about caffeine, the soft murmur of voices and music and a lazy afternoon that immediately makes me want to write. It’s one of my favourite places for productivity.

How about you?

Attitude of Gratitude

I needed to hear these blogs today. They’re talking about gratitude and they’re both amazing blogs.

One is by a very special lady, Tarissa, who’s got an amazing heart, a very interesting story to tell and she’s a writer! She wrote this post about 30 Little things she was grateful for and I just loved it. I thought I’d share it.

The next is someone I’ve already mentioned, Kristen Lamb. She keeps a very professional blog on writing tips for writers that I sincerely recommend but this particular blog post was exactly what I needed to hear today. She was challenging the reader to find the hidden blessing behind the inconvenience. For example, today I had a day at work that…well, let’s just say it was special and leave it at that, shall we? But there’s a hidden blessing behind my complaint because I have a job. That’s a big, big blessing. And yes, my akita decided to eat the dirt in the potted plant, but the hidden blessing is…hm…wait…wait…hidden blessing…Oh! The akita! Of course. She’s the blessing. We’re blessed to have a scattered-brained akita to keep us company and kill our potted plants.

Great site for writers

This site is awesome. It has so many resources for writers! It’s is getting an immediate bookmark in my computer.

From author platforms to free advice to great links for writers, this site has it all. But don’t take my word for it, it won the Writer’s Digest best Site for Writers Award and Alliance of Independent Authors Award.

I thought I’d pass it on. We authors need all the friends and help we can get!