Some good links for writers

I thought I’d share some links that I’ve found very helpful. These sites have great resources and they’re very organized (which helped me find what I wanted right away).

This one is done by a group of writers trying to help out other writers. Check out their categories… Good, right?

Another site full of resources for writers. I again, particularly like their categories. If I’m stuck on my plot or have an issue with a character, I know where to go.

This one is Kristen Lamb’s site. She’s a pro on self-advocacy for books. I not only found her site helpful, I also found her book helpful. Being a newbie, I needed a guiding hand getting started. She was exactly what I needed.

Molly Greene won an award for her blog. It’s full of goodness and I found some articles really helpful (because I’d already done the mistakes she warned about…oops!).

If you have any others that you have found helpful, send me a comment and I’ll show it here! Let’s all help each other out!