Happy ending for a lovely cow

I love videos like this one that show a happy ending for an animal that was in dire circumstances. Seeing this cow dance around with joy and rub his head against the man, reminded me of my dogs when they’re happy and lovingly rub against me. It’s so beautiful to see animals happy.

Beautiful video

I don’t often post videos…Okay, I’ve never posted a video. I figure I’m trying to be a writer, videos are not my thing. But there is this one video I saw this week that just moved me to tears because of the lovely connection between the dog and the child. It was just wonderful.

Final note: There’s a God reference in the video. Please understand that’s not something I’m pushing or not pushing. This blog doesn’t step into the realm of Higher Powers/God/Deities and respects whatever beliefs make the reader happy.

Full Circle

This video touched my heart. In fact, I might have shed a couple of tears. It has nothing to do with writing or romance or books either. But its message is so important.

Walking Your Path

Everyone we encounter holds a key to our future.

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Failure is the first step towards success! [video]

I have just read my first review and it was simply awful. I started questioning the book, my editing, self-publishing, writing in general and the book I’m writing in particular.
I’m not going to lie and tell you that watching this video magically fixed everything. I still doubt. But it helped. And I need to thank Ankush for that.

I also hope it helps others who are also doubting.

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Thanks to my buddy Kim who shared this absolutely amazing video with me:



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