My ridiculous issue with The Handmaid’s Tale

I have an issue with The Handmaid’s Tale. A pretty ridiculous one too.

After last season’s ending, I was pretty miffed with the show…but this season I watched it again…only to have another issue pop up.

Here’s the thing. I work with the public. I won’t go into details of the job but suffice it to say that I see plenty of people on a daily basis. After many years of working with the public, I can tell you that some are lovely, wonderful people…and some are one raisin away from being a total fruit cake.

Case in point: We have a waiting area that we keep as pleasant, inviting and comfortable as possible. There are chairs to sit in, magazines to read and even water for those who are thirsty. We have tried to remove all and any stressors from the waiting area.

Of course, the public has managed to have all sorts of issues and freak outs in our waiting area. They have fainted, had allergic reactions, complained about every issue imaginable and one almost gave birth in it. A day doesn’t go by without someone getting upset.

So, how on earth do the people in Gilead keep all the women subdued and quiet? How do they manage to keep them all from freaking out? How do they keep the handmaids from killing someone or even each other? I can’t even imagine the gossip, the resentments, the beefs that they would have. They would have so many issues, they would be lining up to tattle tale on each other. The eyes would be swamped with the lists of grievances.

Okay, I did warn you.

This is definitely a ridiculous grief.

Okay, quick change of topic! How was your day? 😀


Here’s the thing

I’ve been watching this show called ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Its based on the novel by Margaret Atwood of the same name. It’s a dystopian novel set in some future date and, unlike those dystopian movies for kids, things aren’t better. They’re really, really worse.

Now, I’m going to talk about this show and disclose something that happens in it. So, those of you who haven’t watched it and are thinking of doing so, please skip this post. There’s a spoiler coming up. So scoot away. Don’t read on.

Are you still here? Scoot! I’m telling you, there’s spoilers coming! Run! Run away!

Okay, now that it’s just us, let me tell you what’s going on. This series is pretty shocking and there are some terrible things that happen, horrible, violent things. Still, the story is sooo compelling that I couldn’t stop watching.

Until a week ago.

The episode (here’s the spoiler) showed the heroine being raped. I just can’t explain how horrible that was. I couldn’t, couldn’t bear it. It made me rethink watching the entire show.

Don’t get me wrong, I know horrible things like that happen and I know it doesn’t do them justice to gloss over them when they’re in a show. I do get that. I just can’t handle violence, be it against animals or humans.

So…I’m admitting I’m a complete and utter chicken and I don’t know if I can watch this show.

The nicest show on TV

I tend to ramble on this blog about things I love. I should keep the focus on writing, reading and books but I go off topic quite a bit….and here is another post doing just that. 🙂

I discovered a show on TV that I just adore. It’s a chronicle of the work happening at Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia, Canada. Hope for Wildlife is a rescue centre for wildlife. Their goal is to rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals and release them back into the wild. That alone is such a beautiful goal but, even better, we get to see the baby squirrels, raccoons, deer, owls and others rescued, taken care of by a vet, fed and finally released back into the forests where they came from.



At the centre of this wonderful work is Hope, the woman who started it all.



“Hope took in her first rehab animal, a robin that had been attacked by a cat, in 1995 while working as a Manager at the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians at the hospital did not know what to do with the injured bird, so Hope took it to her home in Eastern Passage and starting doing research on caring for injured wildlife.

As her knowledge grew, the veterinary staff would refer calls about orphaned and injured wildlife to Hope. She continued to do research and learn more about the subject. Later that year, Hope took a Wildlife Rehabilitator’s course and obtained a certificate in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation from the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Association. Hope and her good friend, Lisa Butcher, developed a plan to create a wildlife rehabilitation centre to offer proper care to injured and orphaned wildlife in Nova Scotia.”



The centre grew from there until today when we can see their struggles and triumphs on TV.

“Now, over 15 years since it all began, the Hope for Wildlife Society has grown to over 100 volunteers and rehabilitates over 2500 animals per year from all over the province. Funding still comes from donations, as well and corporate and government grants, community groups, and our annual fundraisers.”



Today they’re still a charitable organization looking for donations and just doing amazing work to help animals who can’t help themselves. Here’s their blog:

and website:

And the TV site:

(credit: Hope for Wildlife, season 2

(credit: Hope for Wildlife, season 2



Not only do I get a huge grin on my face when I see this show…River loves watching it too. 😀