Digging a hole

We’re having a new well drilled in the front of our house. It’s a long story but our old well has to be closed and we need a new one. That means we now have two men along with two massive trucks permanently parked in the front of our house causing an unholy mess.

Yeap, those were trees. As in green.

Don’t get me wrong, we want a well. We do. It’s just that I, for one, had no idea what it took to, well dig one.

This is one of the trucks that are needed to drill this well. I honestly had no idea. I didn’t know there was a difference between digging and drilling a well. I didn’t know it took days and days to do the job, and I certainly didn’t think they would dig up our trees to make room for their trucks.

I know there are people who are dying in the world and two trees are small potatoes next to the terrible things happening…but I loved those trees. I won’t get too mushy but I said hi and bye to them every morning and celebrated their little green growths every spring. This year, Chunky was gaining on Skinny and I thought he would beat him…

Then I came home to find this instead of my beloved trees.

I asked the men where the blue spruces were and, brace yourself dearest gentle reader, they had dug them up and pushed them behind the…messy, clay covered barriers. In other words, they were dying or dead already.

Now, this blog is about happy things, so I’m going to say that we’re really glad we’re getting the new well (eventually). Also, this morning, the cutest little baby rabbit came over though the mess for breakfast and he was absolutely adorable.

He really was super tiny and mesmerized our two fluff-balls of dogs. I had to give it to him for cuteness. He was also super fast! I could barely snap a picture of him before he was gone. So cute!

With a grumble and a smile

Yes, those are my feet. You’ll notice I’m wearing boots…and, more importantly, there’s some white stuff on the ground around my feet.

That, my lovely, gentle reader, is snow. Snow. Yeap. Here. As in it was so cold we didn’t get rain, we got snow.

In April.

I do have some better things to share with you though. Here, I took this picture a day before the ‘s-word’ arrived.

That’s the top of one of our evergreens. We planted them a couple of years ago and it gives me a ridiculous amount of pleasure to see them grow a little more each year.

See that lighter green bit at the top? That’s where the new growth comes in.

I know! It’s so exciting! Love trees, love them!

New house, new scenes

I’m so resistant to change. I really don’t like it. It takes me forever to accept it and even longer to recognize it’s a good thing. We’ve been in our new house for just about 2 months now and I still resist calling it home.

To help move things along in my obstinate mind, I thought I’d share some of the sights we enjoy.

IMG_1030 IMG_1031

These are the rocks in our yard. When we first moved in, they were half-burried in a corner of the yard, all on top of each other. Since they weigh more than a small car, we had to get a huge machine to move them and, in a spurt of originality, we arranged them in a sort of circle. We now call it the Mini-Stonehenge.

For some reason our grass has turned white. You might not be able to really tell in this picture but trust me…it’s white. Bizarre but there you have it.


We also have these happy little mushrooms in our yard and a not-so-happy nest of wasps that I hope our doggies stay away from. My husband ‘discovered’ it by accident while mowing the lawn and was bitten 8 times before he could make it into the house. Eight times. I’m thinking guard dogs are overrated. The thing would be to have guard-wasps. Now there’s a deterrent to unwanted visitors!


So, what do you think? Exciting new digs?



We’ve had a long, cold winter the likes of which people hadn’t seen in years. Only last week, we had another snow storm, complete with freezing rain and ice pellets.

Finally, finally, we see signs of Spring. It’s such a beautiful sight.

You might not be able to see those little sprouts but I was so excited to see them. Signs of nicer weather and warm days and sunshine.


Aren’t they exciting?


I have no idea what they are. Could be tulips, could be a tree, could be a weed. I just know that looking at them gives me hope.IMG_0097

This is Tubby, the tree. He didn’t come out of our long winter unscathed and we’re trying to set him ‘right’ with that pole and tying him straight. Poor little guy.

IMG_0092And these are the ‘Baby’ trees. We planted 5 of these on our property and this is how they’ve emerged from winter. I’m hoping that brown will turn green. Hoping…

Hope comes in with Spring. 🙂

Groucho the tree…

Groucho is an indoor tree. In fact, he’s a Ficus…a very touchy Ficus. We knew he was sensitive from the moment we got him and we’ve been babying him ever since. When we moved, he moved ahead of time and spent time in the house and get acclimatized before the chaos started. Since then, he’s been in one spot, not moving because Ficus trees will drop their leaves if you move them across a room. Ours, Groucho, will drop his leaves if you so much as look at him the wrong way. Touchy.

So, it was with great horror that I saw he had worms. Big, fat, brown things that crawled over and around the top of his pot. I stirred the earth only to discover that these worms had friends…numerous friends.

We searched for a gentle worm-killer. One that wouldn’t hurt our sensitive tree (or our doggie) but strong enough to hurt the worms. We paid a ridiculous amount of money for the stuff and added it in to the dirt as per the instructions.

A week later, and the worms not only hadn’t diminished, they appeared to have multiplied. Back to the Green house we went and got something less delicate. Another week later and, while Groucho remained the same, the worms had tripled. They were so numerous some were crawling out of the pot and trekking across our floor in search of fresh pastures.

When I almost stepped on one, I reached my breaking point and told my hubby to throw the tree out. He told me not worry and said he’d ‘fix’ it. A day later, Groucho was back in our living room with new soil and a few less leaves. There wasn’t a worm in sight.

I was mystified. Yes, I was also delighted but I was mystified. What had he done?

Turns out my resourceful husband had taken Groucho, the ever sensitive tree, yanked it free of its pot, then dunked it in the frozen river that runs through our property to loosen the dirt. Once that was accomplished, he had grabbed it by its trunk and repeatedly smacked the roots against the snow-covered driveway to get rid of any remaining worms. Finally, he had emptied the pot, cleaned it, added fresh earth and repotted the stunned Groucho.

I heard this horror tale and I braced myself to see the tree die. But, the shocker was that, three weeks later, Groucho stood proudly in our living room, not a leaf out of place.

“I don’t know why you’re shocked,” my husband told me. “My careful treatment saved that tree.”

Mr. Green Thumb.

(credit: headingfortheexits.com)

(credit: headingfortheexits.com)