Top reads of 2019

If you happen to have extra time and want a good read, here are the recommendations from the top book sellers both in Canada and the US.

Chapters’ top 50 books of 2019 are here. I can personally vouch for number 2 as I have read it and found it outstanding.

Barnes and Noble’s top 100 bestsellers of 2019 are here. Super exciting to have that reference list and links to know a bit more about those books.

Good Housekeeping has their own list here. And there are some that are included in all three. Those must be amazing!

Do you have a favourite book of 2019 to recommend? Mine would have to be the Testaments. I just absolutely loved it.

The Testaments: A Novel by Margaret AtwoodWhy am I rambling about this now? Well, I’m planning to sneak to the bookstore tomorrow. Hubby is at work, you see and I’m free to play…I’m thinking Chapters and a lovely cup of coffee. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

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5 Books I re-read over and over

Some books are okay, some are good and some are soooo good, I keep re-reading them. Over and over. I’m not exaggerating either, I know some parts like litany. They’re that good. Here are five that fall into that category for me.

1. Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh is one of those. I read that story over and over and over and just writing the title down makes me want to pick it up again. The hero is awesome, the heroine wonderful and the story makes me want to go back in time. It’s that good. I simply can’t wait to live it all over again.


2. Death Angel by Linda Howard. The best story and so sad. The hero is terrifying and amazing. The heroine is courageous and awesome. It’s just sooo good, I want to read it all the time.


3. Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward. One of my favourite stories from the BDB series. They just don’t get any better than V and Jane. I go back to this book over and over.

lover-unbound4. The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt. An unbelievably good love story about a very corrupt man who finds love and redemption. I go back to this one over and over to find solace and a great love story. It’s just so beautiful.


5. Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh. Raphael scared me to pieces…until he fell in love with Elena. She’s as tough as he is and they’re such an amazing couple. I love reading how they came to know each other. It’s such a great story and written so well.

angels blood with shadow

How about you? Do you have any amazing books you reread?


Best books from the best reviewers 2013

I’ve already shouted out my favourite books but, though I have an opinion, I’m not a reviewer. However, I know some people who are (they also run some awesome blogs!). I thought I’d share what the best reviewers think.

First, one of my favourites, Andrea Whittle. She’s a pro. You can tell because where I would say: great book, she explains why it’s such a great book with amazing literary skill. That skill is not something anyone’s born with, it takes years of serious reading and writing. She’s read a few books and knows a thing or two. If she says a book is good, it’s good.

Here are her top choices for 2013:

Then, the BookChick. She’s a tough, no nonsense reviewer and, even she admits, she doesn’t give out 5 stars just because the cover is pretty. She has listed down the top 15 and there are some beauties in there.

You can find her favourite books here:

Now, one of my favourite sites, All about Romance, also has a list. The top 100. Here’s the link: They did a round up of their readers top-ever books. It’s really worth a read because you can find some gems you never knew were there.

Finally, Goodreads has their top winners of 2013 in categories for your convenience. Here’s that link:

Now, I know what you’re thinking, what am I doing compiling this list? Shouldn’t I be writing? Isn’t that what I’m rambling about on this blog day after day…

You’re right. Off I go. 🙂