How To Reblog A Blog Post #bloggingtips

A fantastic post on how to reblog with clear pictures on all the ins and outs of sharing someone’s post with the world. A huge thanks to Hugh for this great post!

Blogging tips

The tips aren’t mine. I’m a baby blogger, just starting out and quite humble at that. These tips are from people who know.

CRAIG MCBREEN knows. His site is a real mine full of resources. Here‘s a post on how to build your brand (if you’re an author, your author name is your brand) and another on how to make that brand come alive and another on how successful people built their brands. Here‘s another on why blogging will help your business. Another on finding customers online…I could keep going and going.

 also knows. She has this post on how to spot the weakest part of your blog post and how to fix it. It contains examples and steps which make it easy–and I love easy. The post comes from the site Copyblogger, another great resource for bloggers.  It has a great post on how to be on the top 5% of bloggers. An awesome and interesting read. And this fantastic post with 35 tips for bloggers.

Finally, this one on how to save time writing for your blog because it can take a life of its own and your significant other might start to complain. It’s by  on CoSchedule blog, yet another great resource with great posts like: Social Media Branding for beginners.

3 sites that I hope will come in handy. Blogging can be so much fun and it’s full of fantastic people. Enjoy!


To niche or not to niche your blog

When I started blogging, I looked around to see what the experts recommended and, time after time, they said to have a focus for my blog. Write about one topic. One. Have a niche for your blog and you’ll get an audience that knows what to expect and that will respect your blog.

So, I did. My blog focuses on writing, books and reading. That’s it…ahem. I do comment on my daily life from time to time and tell readers about my dogs and other funny bits, but the majority of my posts are on topic. I try to follow their advice but, now, after a while, I started wondering…is that good advice?

Here‘s a post by Jessica Lawlor who argues against the ‘experts’ and leaves her blog unfocused.

What do you think? Is that a necessity for a blog? Do you as a reader turn away if you find a post that’s not on topic? Is that too rigid? Do you follow that idea with your own blog or are you more relaxed about it?


Blogging ideas

Having a blog is a necessity for an author. Not only do you practice writing, you reach potential readers and grow a following. But keeping a blog can also be stressful. That blog can become an entity you have to feed with daily posts.

Victoria Grefer wrote a great post with three great tips on being more efficient blogger. Efficiency is great for me because I keep a blog and I’m always grateful for ideas or ways to improve it.

I have to admit I already used her idea of writing the posts ahead of time. I write my posts on Saturday mornings. I try to write the entire week’s worth of posts. The only one I can’t is the ‘Posts I loved this week’ because that, by necessity, grows each day. Now, that doesn’t mean that, should something interesting happen, I don’t ignore my ‘saved’ posts and write a new one, I do, but I have some in ‘reserve’ should I need them.

What about you? What works for you? Do you go with inspiration or do you prep ahead?



5 Tips to write a great blog post

I liked the title of this post even before I read it because I blog on a daily basis and I’m always happy to find new ways to create better posts.

 wrote the post and, as promised, it contains easy tips for a better post. All you have to do is answer those five questions.

But maybe answering questions isn’t for you. Well, here‘s another format for you. This time, Rachel Sprung has 5 steps. I thought they were pretty good, easy to follow and broad enough for any blog.

Though there’s something to be said for inspiration and going with your gut, I like the idea of having a goal for my posts and keeping a focus for my blog. In my goal to be a professional writer, I want a blog that remains professional, elegant and keeps writing as a focus.



Most of the time.