Writing good dialogue

I’ve been told I write good dialogue. This might have gone to my head. I think I need a bit of humble pie, which I’m sure Karma will provide any day now in the form of a scathing review.

Still, I follow some rules for writing dialogue.

The first thing I did is tape a conversation and read it. I thought it’d be realistic and awesome…The reality was a bit of a shock. Real-Life conversations are awful. We repeat ourselves, we go in circles, we go off topic…it makes for frustrating and very boring reading.

What works for me is to try and keep the ‘flavour’ of the character who’s talking. Joe doesn’t say: hello. He says: Hey, chickie, what’s shaking? It also helps me to add humour. I’ll give a snobbish character a coughing fit while they’re trying to maintain their dignity or I’ll create a character who loves to be heard and then deny them that wish.

But, here is what works for the Greats:




Looking for reviews?

I’m always looking for reviews. A reviewer is not easy to find. An available one is even harder.

I have good news. I found an available reviewer. http://readwithdiane.blogspot.ca. She’s looking for books to review and is also incredibly kind. I say that because she’ll only post your review in Amazon if it gets 4 or 5 stars.

In her own words:

” I will write a review and publish it, promote it, etc. if it is 4 or 5 star.  If it is not, then I will still write the review but only submit it to you via email.  I will never negatively speak about an author’s work on my website.   Author bashing is not my style and never will be.”

As always, I’ll add this to the Resouces page. Hope this helps! 🙂