The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I went to the used book store yesterday and found a couple of books…One of them was The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I thought I’d just start it, just read a bit this morning…fast forward a few hours and my husband asked me if I was leaving the house today. The answer, of course, was not yet. A few hours later, I finished the book.

The Great Escape is another of those great books I’ll reread. I loved it from the start. I loved the premise and I loved Lucy. She was a kid who had been trying to help everyone her entire life and finally, on the eve of her wedding, has a bit of a breakdown and runs off. I love stories about new starts. What would she do? How was she going to figure out her life? I was hoping that Ms. Phillips wouldn’t make the mistake of trivializing Lucy’s challenges by dealing with them overnight. I wasn’t disappointed.

Lucy figures things out the way we all do, making mistakes, taking one step forward and two back, slowly and over time. I loved being along for the ride. She also runs off with a very shady character who has a few surprises for her (I won’t ruin the book by giving anything away). Lucy and Panda have rich, dark pasts and issues to work out. I love stories that deal with problems that feel real and don’t just fix major traumatic events with a few lines.

The awesome thing about Ms. Phillips is her secondary characters are almost as good as her first and, this book didn’t disappoint. I laughed and cried with them and, though I wanted to only hear about Lucy, I fell in love with them anyway. They were really likeable.

Another keeper for me. I know I’ll join them again and reread the book with delight because I know just how good it is.