If we were having coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you my dogs killed another rabbit. This happened because a rabbit snuck into our fenced backyard and my two pooches were on it before it could get out. Thankfully, I didn’t see said incident. But the horrors of it still linger in my mind. I wish I could have helped that little bunny.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that, Canada being Canada, it’s now boiling hot outside. We truly go from boots to sandals. You either freeze or boil here. Still, it’s such a lovely change from the dark, freezing nights of winter that no one is complaining.

Except the akitas. They’d love nothing more than perpetual winter.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you how your week went. How was work? How was home? Mine was crazy busy. It seems that, as the temperature increases, so does the workload…or maybe it’s my need for perfectionism. I have to admit, I tend to fuss at things until they’re just so.

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If we were having coffee


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that yesterday I had a moment of pure bliss. I was seated on the deck, smiling at the clouds, with my doggies snuggled at my sides. We were sharing an apple and reminiscing over the summer weeks gone by.

River’s highlight was having me home and getting all those extra kisses, Ocean’s was getting all the extra visits from little critters in our yard. While River chewed on his bits of apple, I had to admit that this summer was superb. It hasn’t been too hot and, though I had work to do, I was able to hang out and do plenty of mind-numbing nothing. Delicious.

(credit:Church Designer Magazine)

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that just yesterday my hubby invited a therapist friend of his and we all went out to enjoy some of our favourite hot drinks with decadent brownies. We ate and laughed and chatted about nothing and everything and, even though I’m a complete and dedicated introvert, it was awesome.

(credit: Natural Health 365)

Finally, I’d add my two cents about the show Game of Thrones, which I’m watching with my hubby who is obsessed delighted with it. (spoiler alert) I do have a lot of issues with the violence on that show…especially when animals get hurt, even if I know that it’s all pretend. Not nice.

(credit:Game of Thrones Wiki – Fandom)

How about you? How has your summer been? How was your weekend?

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Review: Rainwater

Rainwater is a love story with angst in the best sense. Our heroine is Ella, a woman abandoned by her husband and raising a child who’s got autism. Ella is the best type of heroine, courageous, determined, driven and without any self-pity. Her lot in life isn’t easy. She works from sunrise to sunset while keeping careful watch over her little child. She runs a home and has tenants but, while that wouldn’t be a big deal today, this story is set in 1934. Times were a little different then.

Ella has to fight the prejudice of the town against her son and against her self. To have clean clothes, she has to wash them by hand, then use a wringer to get the water from them, then hang them to dry, then cook up starch and then finally iron them. Just reading the list of chores that one item took her made me feel tired.

The book starts with the arrival of Mr. Rainwater who changes Ella’s life. He’s a man looking for a quiet place to live until things in his life settle (I don’t want to give anything away here so I’m being vague on purpose). He’s a fantastic hero, determined and courageous even when the odds are stacked heavily against him.

I cried with this book. Horrible things happen. It’s the depression and cattle die–in horrid ways. Racism is rampant and people die. In the middle of it, Ella and Mr. Rainwater try to protect each other and help those around them.

It’s a slow moving book, just like the summers in Texas, but it’s a page turner. I ate this one up in one sitting. Just like the slow pace of the book, Ella and Mr. Rainwater slowly fall in love. It was beautiful to read.

It’s a wonderful, sad love story and I highly recommend this book. Though it’s not the usual type for Sandra Brown, I still think it’s so worthwhile.



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A Canadian summer

Canada is a country of extreme weather. We get super-cold winters–that last waaaay too long–but then we get these incredibly hot and sunny summers.

It’s really unbelievable. The same place that was covered ( and I mean covered) by snow only a few weeks ago is now green and full of flowers. Don’t believe it? I have the evidence to prove it…in bad pictures.

First, of course, the snow. I remember this quite well.

Now, though, we have this,


And this,


And finally, this,IMG_0265

Isn’t it beautiful? I can’t believe it’s the same place…except I live here, so I can tell you. It’s the same place. It’s truly beautiful. You should come visit.

In the summer.