Review: Honour Bound

Honour Bound by Sandra Brown is one of those books that’s just a tasty treat. It starts with a bang, when Lucas kidnaps Aislinn and they set off together. Lucas is a bit of a grumpy bear and Aislinn is not too pleased about finding herself kidnapped, so they don’t start off on the best of terms. That’s what I liked about this story. They discover each other, in spite of their circumstances and in spite of being pretty determined to hate the other person.

I loved a lot of things about this book. I loved the fact that Lucas was native. It’s one of those cultures that I simply love reading about. I loved how spunky and determined Aislinn was. She didn’t fold over and cry victim tears, she fought Lucas and tried every which way to get free. I also loved that there was no mystery here. No one was trying to kill them. There was no who-done-it plot to get through. It was simply a love story–my favourite kind of read.

This was one of Sandra Brown’s early works. It’s interesting to see how she’s grown as an author but the book by itself is a delicious read. It’s simply a love story with two unlikely characters surviving a fun adventure. Fun, light and easy to read. I’d highly recommend it.



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