We just ate my creation and it was actually really good! (no one was more surprised than I was).

This was the final product

Turns out, the stuffing wasn’t as salty as I feared. It all worked so well. Yum!

Best of all, hubby loved it!

To niche or not to niche your blog

When I started blogging, I looked around to see what the experts recommended and, time after time, they said to have a focus for my blog. Write about one topic. One. Have a niche for your blog and you’ll get an audience that knows what to expect and that will respect your blog.

So, I did. My blog focuses on writing, books and reading. That’s it…ahem. I do comment on my daily life from time to time and tell readers about my dogs and other funny bits, but the majority of my posts are on topic. I try to follow their advice but, now, after a while, I started wondering…is that good advice?

Here‘s a post by Jessica Lawlor who argues against the ‘experts’ and leaves her blog unfocused.

What do you think? Is that a necessity for a blog? Do you as a reader turn away if you find a post that’s not on topic? Is that too rigid? Do you follow that idea with your own blog or are you more relaxed about it?


Resistance creates pain. Acceptance creates peace.

I simply loved this post. Loved it. LOVED it. What a wonderful message. It was exactly what I needed to hear and gave me a great deal of peace.