Computerless: Hope at last

This is my 3rd week without a computer and the stress is starting to show. I stare at others wistfully as they type and scroll on their keyboards. When I see a domain on a commercial, I change the channel quickly.

Beyond desperate, I went back to the computer store this Friday hoping to get some sort of resolution. The clerk there, blissfully immersed in computers, was sympathetic to my situation. Either that, or something in my face must have told him I wouldn’t hold out much longer.

According to him, the tech guy can have my computer fixed by Tuesday.

I hope he’s right. I literally can’t wait.

Two weeks of no screen time except for following the US Presidential race have left their mark.


We’re moving

It’s official. We’re moving. Our house goes up for sale on Tuesday and we’ll start going nuts trying to keep it clean for showings.

We saw our sales rep on Saturday and signed a million papers. A fancy photographer is coming on Monday to take pictures that, unlike mine, will not leave bits out. Our realtor informed us our home will be for sale online on Tuesday and we could start showings as early as Wednesday. I started panicking while my hubby grinned and said he felt good ‘vibes’ about the entire thing. My hubby often gets vibes. I told him he should see a doctor.

Our rep told us to minimize but not change things in the house. While we scratched our heads trying to decipher her message, River ate half a sofa chair. Obviously, he thought it didn’t go with our decor. Hubby freaked and declared River ‘Untrustworthy’.

I was going to ask him how his vibes were going but I had started hyperventilating and couldn’t talk.

My hat goes off to Outmanned

I’m not a parent but I know it’s hard. I know there are moments when the little darlings create such chaos that sanity is a far away dream. Then I read this week’s posts by Outmanned. I had no idea. I really had no idea.

I want to beg your indulgence and recap these two episodes. Take the first: I mean, no sleep, changing bed after bed, then stepping on…a doggie ‘present’. I was shuddering just thinking about it. How does she do it?

I was sure after that post there’d be one coming with something positive, something heart-warming, a hug or a touching story. Nope. Life had another round in store for Outmanned. Oh, sweet gods above.

The amazing thing is, while I would be stuttering incoherently and possibly need an exorcist, not only does she shrug it off, she finds time to blog about it. And take pictures! How does she do it?

One thing is certain, I can’t wait for the next post.