Some blogs I love

I follow some blogs religiously. They’re just simply awesome. Some are good for a laugh, some are great writers, some inspire me and others are just beautiful works of art. is just awesome. I read it every day. It’s not only funny and addictive but it’s also well written and fresh. Love it. I bet you can’t read an entry and turn away. has absolutely stunning pictures. Don’t miss the one about rain. I couldn’t believe the shots. How does she do it? Is it the camera? To me, someone who has trouble not cutting people’s heads off when I take a picture, the shots were incredible. Totally worth going and checking it out. I follow Kristen Lamb’s site because she tells it like it is and it’s very helpful to know what’s what in writing. It’s not always easy to find the truth about writing and she delivers. She also has great tips, ideas and hints for writing issues. I get those all the time! I follow her because she writes great reviews. You can tell because she doesn’t simply give every book perfect and she writes so eloquently. Good reviews are hard to write. Why did you like it? What exactly makes this a good read? What’s outstanding about this author’s writing style? To be precise and clear takes talent. Plus, I get to see what books are out there and I’m always looking for a good book…and did I mention she reviewed Olivia’s Choice? simply inspires me. There are days when I want to pull out my hair, when work sucked and the car needs gas and I’m cranky and need sleep and I can’t think of one single word to write…and this blog gives me a boost. The rest of the time, I just read it and feel grateful. is a great blog I follow because it both inspires me and just makes me smile. I love the stories in it. And… I won’t miss because the stories are just too good to miss…plus she loves doggies so that’s always a winner with me aaand she includes pictures of her pooches! It’s a definite must check out in my book. (mental note: take more pictures of Ocean for blog).