5 Tips to write a great blog post

I liked the title of this post even before I read it because I blog on a daily basis and I’m always happy to find new ways to create better posts.

 wrote the post and, as promised, it contains easy tips for a better post. All you have to do is answer those five questions.

But maybe answering questions isn’t for you. Well, here‘s another format for you. This time, Rachel Sprung has 5 steps. I thought they were pretty good, easy to follow and broad enough for any blog.

Though there’s something to be said for inspiration and going with your gut, I like the idea of having a goal for my posts and keeping a focus for my blog. In my goal to be a professional writer, I want a blog that remains professional, elegant and keeps writing as a focus.

(credit: roflzoo.com)

(credit: roflzoo.com)

Most of the time.