River’s tough day

Breakfast is an early affair for River, mostly because his sister, Ocean, is full of beans and won’t sleep past 6 am no matter how many times you explain to her that it’s the weekend.

Breakfast! Yum!

Breakfast is gone in under a minute and this morning, since it included rice, it didn’t last past the 30 second mark.

Time for a nap

Afterwards, of course, it’s time for a much needed nap. Eating so early takes a lot out of poor, sadly-neglected River. But mom doesn’t think he should spend the day sleeping, and she’s insisting on a walk. Sheesh.

A walk? At this hour? Well, make it a short one, will you?

One walk later, it’s definitely time to rest…except River sees mom cooking and that means scavenging for what little crumbs might fall to the ground in the kitchen.

If you give me a little treat, I won’t tell Ocean

Obviously, that’s a full day for his fluffiness and a rest is well deserved. Once mommy is done in the kitchen, it’s time for that nap. Better still, a nap by her feet, so he’s within petting distance.

What a day!

Thankfully, supper is next, so that he can replenish his strength…but what’s this? Mom decided to have two walks today! Ocean is over the moon, of course, but she’s always been a little nutty. Two walks is exhausting for poor River and it’ll take him days to recuperate from the ordeal.

At least there’s supper! Phew!

Finally, finally, he can rest and take it easy from his very tough day.


A tale of two dog beds

Once upon a time there were two dog owners who were…well, a little nuts. They meant well, in their crazy little minds, but they were two raisins short of a fruit cake. So, when they went out to get their dogs new beds, they…well, they lost what little sanity they had left.

First, they already had two dogs beds. But they were old and getting lumpy, so they had to go.

Then they got two new dog beds.

Since their dogs weren’t too keen on them. Our two little loonie birds decided higher quality was needed and the beds went back to the store.

They got new, orthopaedic beds made with special foam. It seemed that since the dogs spent all day doing absolutely nothing, they needed to rest in special comfort at night.

Since, these were greeted with delight by the doggies, our two heroes finally could put their quest to rest.

Feel free to roll your eyes and shake your heads in exasperation now.


Ridiculous doesn’t cover it…

So, we have a dog house. But our dog house is custom-built thing that has shingles on the roof and everything. The entrance is separated from the house but facing the wall so that the rain doesn’t bother our pampered pooches as they enter. It also has a nice, warm blanket inside and treats for our fluffy doggies.

This lovely invention came via my hubby, the therapist, who decided our dogs might be winter dogs but the weather in Canada was too harsh for their delicate constitutions. He also bought them an assortment of toys to keep them mentally motivated while they’re outside. Not to mention the massive boulders they’ve now learned to climb and to use to play.

When I heard he was also looking for a heated water bowl for them, I knew I had to put it on the blog.

But the final straw was what he said yesterday…

He thinks we should get a third dog because two is just not enough to make a comfortable doggy pack.


4 Signs your doggie is a little spoiled

We love our darling pets but when is that affection too much? Here are four warning signs that things might be a little over the top.



4. They like water from the Brita Filter.

It’s true, my dogs don’t drink water when it’s been left outside. They like it fresh, from the Brita Jug…with ice cubes in it. They’re delicate dogginess do not like sullied water.



3. They have more accessories than a Hollywood Diva.

I can’t count the number of leashes, harnesses, collars, booties, coats and soothing blankets that they have. Even after getting rid of a ton of them during our move, the doggies have more wardrobe choices than I do.

Just on leashes alone we have some that stop them from pulling, some that glow in the dark, some with gender-matching designs, some with their names, some for two dogs, some super-wide for comfort…It boggles the mind.



2. When we chose a house, the size of the yard was the number one issue.

We can say that we chose our house because it’s near the lake and it’s a bungalow but the real reason was the yard. It’s huge, all fenced for the safety of our pooches and has views of neighbours with other doggies and roads to keep them entertained. Even better, it contains massive boulders that we moved at great expense so that our dogs could run and play hide and seek around them.



1. They eat better than their owners.

Okay, this is the top of the list for good reason. My doggies have tasted Brie cheese, pate and filet mignon. Worse, I bought them salmon when I saw it on sale because I thought they’d like the taste (they did). They also have a soft spot for blueberries, especially frozen ones in the summer and specially in their water.



It might sound a trifle over the top but the truth is our dogs are faithful companions who work hard to earn their keep…