If we were having coffee…



If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my work load is about to go through the roof and I’m worried about it and I’d tell you our house hasn’t sold and that worries me more than I’d like to admit.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m actually enjoying editing Amy’s Courage because I’ve added a new character–an adopted dog–that I simply love. My sister was teaching in Mongolia and sent me this picture of a homeless dog she was feeding. 5_Lucie the Mum

Her name is Lucy and she’s a stray dog trying to feed her puppies. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. So, I’ve put her in my book where I get to spoil her to my heart’s content.

I’d tell you I’m looking forward to fall. After the winter we just had, it’s insane that I can’t wait for the cold weather again. I probably have penguin DNA or something.

I’d ask you how you’re doing and what you’re reading…

* * *

If we were having coffee is a blog post feature from Just Gene’O. He’s having a linkup today here.

My usual Saturday Post: Posts I loved this Week will be here tomorrow…with a teeny, tiny surprise.

Blogging tips

The tips aren’t mine. I’m a baby blogger, just starting out and quite humble at that. These tips are from people who know.

CRAIG MCBREEN knows. His site is a real mine full of resources. Here‘s a post on how to build your brand (if you’re an author, your author name is your brand) and another on how to make that brand come alive and another on how successful people built their brands. Here‘s another on why blogging will help your business. Another on finding customers online…I could keep going and going.

 also knows. She has this post on how to spot the weakest part of your blog post and how to fix it. It contains examples and steps which make it easy–and I love easy. The post comes from the site Copyblogger, another great resource for bloggers.  It has a great post on how to be on the top 5% of bloggers. An awesome and interesting read. And this fantastic post with 35 tips for bloggers.

Finally, this one on how to save time writing for your blog because it can take a life of its own and your significant other might start to complain. It’s by  on CoSchedule blog, yet another great resource with great posts like: Social Media Branding for beginners.

3 sites that I hope will come in handy. Blogging can be so much fun and it’s full of fantastic people. Enjoy!


An 80/20 rule for Social Media

J.A. Hennrikus wrote a fabulous post on how to work with Social Media on the blog: Live to write -Write to live. She has what she calls an 80/20 rule. And this is what it means:

“My definition in this context is that 80% of your social media use should be about other people (or organizations). 20% can be in service of yourself. Only 20%. 10% would be better.”

She mentions the idea of a cocktail party and having a conversation. “You’re at a cocktail party on the web. The 80/20 rule helps you not be the narcissist that everyone wants to get away from. You know that person. “Me, me, me, what do you think of me?” Or “buy my book, buy my book, buy my book.” Blech.”

There’s a lot of talk about Social Media and how to use it. I particularly loved this post because it made so much sense to me and it was so positive. Just check out the ending: “Pay it forward. Be the fun person at the cocktail party. The one who gets invited back.”

What do you think? Or do you agree? Disagree?