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(It’s on soccer and not on writing or books or anything completely related to literature. You really shouldn’t read this.)

This World Cup seems to be memorable for being completely unexpected.

Spain died. The undefeated Champs since 2008 were literally beaten before they got on the field. It was sad and unbelievable.


Brazil simply disappeared. It was either that or they were abducted by aliens, because what happened on that match against Germany? I think at one point the Germans stopped scoring goals simply to conserve energy. Brazilian fans were in tears.


The Uruguayan player Luis Suarez bit another player. I mean he leaned forward, opened his mouth and bit the shoulder of the other guy.


This has set off an entire wave of jokes on Social Media. Here’s one of my favourites from the fantastic post below.

1488131_683639355056884_3717528231355319686_nCheck out the entire post by  and have a laugh.

Just think, tomorrow is the final game. Who knows what will happen?


The Beautiful Game…

It’s the World Cup. Soccer is just about everywhere now. Cars have flags waving proudly in the air cheering for their country of choice, people wear jerseys and, more often than not, someone is talking about this goal or that penalty. Soccer is in everyone’s mind.

I may live in the land of Hockey but there’s a magic, a beauty to Soccer that captures a lot of Canadians–even if its not done on ice. It’s such a simple game. Get the ball, put it in the net and don’t use your hands. Simple. And yet, so elegant.

It may be because I was born in Europe where futbol is more than a passion, it’s a religion, a culture and a way of life all at once. It may be because it’s so simple to understand yet mesmerizing to watch. It may be something completely different. Whatever the reason, I love it.

I was actually in Spain for the last World Cup. Wow. Those Spaniards know a thing or two about celebrating. That was one wild night.

I can’t wait to go out with some friends and cheer on a game.



Okay, I know. Those pictures are ridiculous self-indulgence. But they’re so cute!!

Here’s a real soccer picture.


It truly is such a beautiful game.