Enough is enough

We’ve had a long, dark, cold winter. It feels like we’ve lived in the cold for months for ever. Though the temperature is finally starting to go into the positive numbers, we still brace ourselves every time we open a door and our landscape remains covered with snow and ice.

It’s fairly depressing. We still have months until we can walk outside without the protection of several layers of clothing. It’ll be months until we see anything resembling grass on the ground.

This morning, I couldn’t take it any more.

So I did some Spring Cleaning.

Since my hubby collects things like a magpie, I waited until he was at work.

Alone, I moved quickly through the silent house. With a fail-proof plan in place, I searched each closet, selecting my clothing victims without compassion. Under my beady eye, every flaw was revealed and every threadbare item inspected closely. Mercilessly, I threw sheets and clothes into bags. When I had filled six of them, I finally stopped.

I felt lighter and somehow a little cleaner.

IMG_0883My victims are in my Jeep now and tomorrow they’re going to a donation box.


I hope Spring this year is amazing. I hope the sun shines every day. I hope we get more flowers than ever before.

I hope my hubby doesn’t find out.