Posts I loved this week

A fantastic week for blogs everywhere. I was a little worried about the size of this post (again). Then, just to add to the madness, I created a group of nonsensical categories and added more posts!

This is an awesome post on how to get deeper into your characters by finding out who they blame. Is it others or themselves? Locus of control is key. Writerology is such an awesome blog!

The Positive Writer has this great post on beating burnout with 4 great ideas. Loved it!

If you’re trying to get published and have written some short fiction, check out this post on how to get that fiction published in a Literary Magazine by  at Writer Unboxed.

Cute and informative, Winter Bayne tipped me onto this great post about punctuation from an editor in Zen/Xen.

Here are Molly Greene‘s 15 Must-have essentials for your website. A fantastic post! And, while you’re at the site, check out this other post on how to write a great blog title.

Interesting and touching, 5 Things I’ve learned since Publishing had me at the title by Skye Callahan.

The Write Practice is smoking with great posts! Check out this one on how long a post should be and how that affects its goals. And this other great post on 5 elements for writing the ‘perfect post’. Both by Joe Bunting!

If you’re writing the blurb for your book, this one is for you. It has explanations and examples of duds and great blurbs by Becca Puglisi in Writers Helping Writers.

I’m always interested in checking out what other programs there are out there that will help me become a better writer. This post has several productivity tools described and explained on Live to Write – Write to Live.

If you write science fiction, fantasy or paranormal, check out this post on world-building with great tips and steps by Catherine Spangler in Writers in the Storm.

From guest blogging to secrets to writing, this post has 51 resources to help you get there. An great post by Bryan Hutchinson on the Positive Writer.

There are six archetypes every novel needs and this post tells you who they are and why you need them. It’s by Bill Ferris from Writer Unboxed. A great post and reference.

Check out the new Just Gene’O. With a new, easy-to-navigate layout, amazing photographs, great resources and new blogs to check out, this is a blog I followed instantly. Don’t miss it.

For bloggers, check out this post on 10 blog content ideas on The Bookbaby Blog.

For those looking for an agent, Author Zone has 12 Query-Writing Resources that are not to be missed.


In an effort to entertain, I made up the following categories. Please keep in mind this is just for fun. There is no award for getting one of these.

Best Writer’s Rant: My choice for Best Rant of the Week has to go to Infinitefreetime for this post.

Funniest Movie Review: Goes to Yours in Storytelling and his hilarious review of Noah (and happy birthday!).

Kindest Post of the Week: Goes to Callum McLaughlin for this wonderful post in support of Indie authors.

Best Find: Inside the Life of Moi, hilarious and with great posts. Check this post on The Good Wife: Expectations vs. Reality.

Funniest Post of the Week: I had to give it to this one by Outmanned. OMG.

Wacko Post of the Week: Goes to this hilarious post on Penny Dreadful pondering Chewbacca’s dating qualities.

Ode to excerpts

How I love excerpts. Let me count the ways,

1. They’re free. They require no financial commitment. No risk. You don’t have to pay a thing and yet, you get to sample. Awesome.

2. They’re small. No need to worry that it’s 500 pages and you don’t have to the time to read it. An excerpt is small, a couple of pages at most. It’ll take maybe a couple of minutes and you’re either hooked or not interested. Easy.

3. They’re fun. I hesitate to try horror or drama, but in an excerpt, I’ll try anything. Anything. Yes, even a cooking book.

4. They’re usually really, really good! The author picks a piece that’s tasty and interesting. Either we’re about to meet the hero or they find out something terrifying or you laugh. In any case, the excerpt is a good piece of the pie, worth savouring.

5. I get to find a new author I love. Authors that I love to read are like precious jewels. I hound their sites waiting for their next release. I read and re-read their books over and over. I write their release dates on my agenda and wait impatiently for that next book. They’re a treasure and a girl can never have enough of them. If an excerpt can give me a new author to love, I’ll be over the moon.

Want to try some? Hm? Don’t they sound yummy? Well, here are a few excerpts to wet your tastebuds. Hope you’ll find a new, fantastic author!

* Fool me Twice by Meredith Duran. Historical romance.

* It Happened one Wedding by Julie James. Contemporary romance.

The Benevolence Archives by Luther M. Siler. Science fiction.

The Escape by Mary Balogh. Historical romance.

Prophecy of Stones by Mishka Jenkins. Paranormal romance.

Oranges for Christmas by Margarita Morris. Fiction.

* Irrevocable by Skye Callahan. Erotic romance.

* Angel’s Blood by Nalini Singh. Paranormal romance.

Dreamwalker by Deidra Alexander. Paranormal fiction.

The Scientific Method by Joey W. Hill. Paranormal erotic fiction.

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Fantasy.

* It’s in His Kiss by Jill Shalvis. Contemporary romance.

* Duke of Midnight by Elizabeth Hoyt. Historical romance.

Have fun and enjoy! 😀

Posts I loved this week

I had all sorts of interesting posts this week to choose from. Check them out!

Winter Bayne is hilarious. Check out this great post about knitting of all things and hold on to your hat. This is not a post about socks. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

What would this post be without a reference to Infinitefreetime. Here‘s an example of why he’s mentioned here over and over. Cute and funny at once.

If you’re a fan of historical romance, don’t miss Geri Walton’s blog. From men’s fashion in hair to words and terms used in the day, she’s a great place to go to for resources and to answer questions. She’s also got an amazing reference page for authors here. And a great link to Victorian Era Top sites!

If you’re struggling with the writing process or looking for a fresh perspective into it, check out this great post by . She’s someone who loves editing and has the tips to prove it!

Now it’s April and it’s also the A to Z challenge. The Writing Catalog is taking part in this and I was so excited to see the posts. The topics alone had me drooling. I wasn’t disappointed! Check out this awesome post on Audience by Gene’O. I had never thought of it like that!

Along those lines, what else is awesome and exciting in April? Book releases! The Book Chick has this great list (that just keeps growing as she finds more releases) right here. A big thanks to her for this awesome list (with covers and buy links!).

Jamie Lee Wallace does a beautiful job of describing what a writer is in this post. Almost poetically explaining how writers see the world differently. I loved it. What a beautiful post.

I particularly loved this post by Skye Callahan. One because it was personal and, like Gene’O comments here, a personal connection in a post helps me connect to it as well. But also because it’s a question that resonated with me. Why do we write? For ourselves? For the audience? For our bank accounts? Skye Callahan answers those questions in her great post.


Writing with a day job

I have a day job. It provides a steady pay check and benefits and they cover things like the mortgage, bills, clothes, food and extras like doggies. Those are the benefits, the problem is it sucks up so much writing time.

Because it’s a full-time job, I only write when my day job is done.

I think most of us face the choice of having to quit our day job or writing part-time. It’s a tough choice. For me, the finances take precedence, and I write part-time.

I try and balance things. I have a husband who’d like to see me more than once a week and doggies who need petting. Some where in there, I work out and find time to write. Oh…and there’s this blog…It’s not easy to find time for everything.

Here’s a post by Nathan Bransford on how he finds balance with his day job.

Here’s another by Skye Callahan on her struggles to find balance.

How do you do it? Or, better still, how do you wish you could do it?

Posts I loved this week

These are the posts I loved this week.

I loved this post because I’m always looking for extra time to write. The site Becoming Minimalist has 5 steps to help you find more time in your life. Great post!

Okay, Infinitefreetime simply because…well, I just can’t get enough of that blog. Here’s an example of how to make a post about soup be funny, interesting and captivating. Soup! I kid you not.

Sourcerer had a great post on how-to for Twitter. One not to be missed! His results speak for themselves on this one. Again this is thanks to Gene’O who’s willing to share what’s worked for him with the masses. A big thank you, Gene’O! And this awesome Trailer for Game of Thrones fans! It made my hubby drool.

Outmanned is another guilty pleasure of mine. This week, she had a hoot of a post on Mondays. Hilarious.

A big shout out to Skye Callahan, an incredibly talented writer, who’s releasing her new book: Bound and Unbroken on Feb 25.

Loved this post by Mishka Jenkins on developing a love story without rushing it while under a word constraint. Check out her site, A Writer’s Life for Me.

Winter Bayne had a great post this week. She not only gave a little update on how she was doing but she also posted a list of great blog posts! Ooh! I loved that. Ahem. 🙂

Live to write-Write to live had this great post by Deborah Lee Duskin on saying yes to writing by saying no. So good!

Jeff Moore had this great post on motivation. His blog, Everyday Power Blog, is absolutely amazing.

Bottledworder had this great post on how to become a more productive writer. He had six great tips to follow. His tips were awesome and really helpful. Loved it! This is a superb blog, featured on WordPress’ Freshly Pressed and for good reason.

Last but definitely not least, Penny Dreadful. Andrea Whittle writes amazing reviews (meaning really well written and explained). She can analyze a book like a master surgeon and tell you what works and what doesn’t. Eloquently. I love reading her reviews. If you’re looking for a good read, search no further.

Awesome posts

I found some awesome posts this week.

Kristen Luciani finished her first novel. Big congrats!!

Skye Callahan has an awesome giveaway. Not to be missed.

Infinitefreetime poses one very, very important question here.

Sourcerer has the awesome Zero To Hero Challenge. And Feminist Friday here.

Finally, Jeff Moore had this great post on ideas to increase productivity. I loved it.

How about you? Any posts that you loved this week? Any blogs out there that you follow every day?